Khonsu – FKOFd033 - FatKidOnFire Presents

Khonsu – FKOFd033

FatKidOnFire Presents

Hello world.

Remember us? We used to be a thing. What’s happened in the last year? A lot. More than we can succinctly cover right here, right now (but, to summarise, Olaf’s focusing on crypto and smashing it with Signalfire and I’m helping run a startup accelerator), but FKOF-related activities are occurring. Maybe. We’re hoovering the cobwebs up, oiling the gears and getting the wheels turning again. It’ll take time, but it feels like it’s happening…

We’ve got our next FKOFd release out tomorrow. Moving away from the quantity and quality of FKOFd‘s yesteryear approach, we’re going the former route and we’ve got a banger coming your way from two new artists on the roster. Please welcome Khonsu (USA) and Dubdiggerz (Slovenia) to the family with the internationally heavyweight FKOFd033

“We released two digital EPs in 2017 – alongside a sell-out 300 press debut of our vinyl imprint. FKOFd‘s 2018 opens five months into the year with a four track adventure into Denver’s (via Ljubljana) take on the 140bpm sound. With his second solo release, Khonsu continues where his SURESTATE026 EP left off and cements his introduction on dubstep’s global stage with an incredible exploration of our favourite audial realm…

“Lennart’s one of the most exciting producers we’ve signed in an absolute age – and is testament to what’s going on in Denver, as well as the USA (not to mention the genre as a whole) in 2018. We’ve watched the city embrace and champion our sound and FKOFd033 is one of the soundtracks to that effort. Puzzled announces the release with a sonic onslaught that doesn’t really relent over the EP’s twenty minute-odd runtime. Suffocating bassweight, sparse atmospherics and crispy percs are the ingredients used, and Khonsu chefs up a delectable experience for us with his trademark experimental recipe – with track two, Recognize, continuing where the opener kicks off.

Ghetto, in contrast, takes a tribal swerve and an 808/ hiphop-esque meander before we welcome the Slovenian bassweight masters Dubdiggerz to the fold with their take on Puzzled. It’s everything we’ve come to expect from the duo and rounds off an incredible addition to our FKOFd catalogue and your 140bpm arsenal.

“As always, we sign material from musicians we know are destined for great things. While DubDiggerz have captured some well-deserved acclaim with their recent releases, we know Khonsu will grab the soundsystem faithful by the throat with this release and you’ll be hearing more from him soon. Watch this space, this guy’s a madman on the buttons!”

FKOFd033 is available from the FKOFd Bandcamp and Juno from tomorrow – 16/05/18. It then drops via all other good electronic retailers from 30/05/18. You can find the release archive all platforms while you’re at it. And, as always, thanks and love to M7 Grafiks for the visuals and Beat Chef Mastering for the crunchy masters!

Producers, if you’ve got tunes for us, please get in touch. We’ll be back soon with more FKOFv goodness for your earsand  chests…

Peace, love and respect.