FKOF Un/Known01 - FatKidOnFire Presents

FKOF Un/Known01

FatKidOnFire Presents

At the end of March, two weeks after FatKidOnFire’s third birthday, I uploaded a mix to the FKOF SoundCloud. That’s not normally a surprise given the focus of FKOF these days – but this mix is a bit different. For the few thousand of you who’ve listened to the promo mix and the few hundred commenting asking for a track list, your wait is finally over…

After three years of mixes, free downloads and interviews with some of the biggest producers in what’s become known as ‘bass music’, we in the FKOF team have – for the first time – compiled a some of the best forward-thinking, bass-led music in the form of the ‘Un/Known Volume 1’ double album.


The FKOFUn/Known01 album showcases twenty next-generation dubstep sounds from some of the genre’s leading producers. Some of my favourite producers (with one, two or more exceptions) from across the bass music soundscape.

With prominent artists like Truth, Perverse, Nanobyte and Gantz featuring alongside newer producers like Juss B, BunZer0 and Camu; this compilation pushes the defined boundaries of dubstep – and beyond.

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I’ve produced a few hundred copies of the FKOFUn/Known01 double album.

I’m pretty FKOFing stoked to say two of my favourite retailers are stocking the album. Chemical Records, one of the world’s leading retailers of DJ equipment, music and clothing, have come on board. As have the team at BM Soho – London’s number one underground dance music record store.


But, as has been the way since we started, we’ll be selling the majority of FKOFUn/Known01 on the FKOF webstore (alongside the FKOF tees). In the coming weeks, we’ll be offering FKOF tee + FKOFUn/Known01 bundles for £30 (including shipping and a few FKOF stickers) – but from today, we’ll be offering a free download of the FKOFUn/Known01 promo mix and digital copies of the double album to anyone who purchases the physical release.

Simply email me with a copy of your receipt from Chemical or BM Soho (I’ll try and stay on top of all the orders that come through our store). If you email me and don’t hear back (I get a good few hundred emails a week so bear with me!), give me a nudge on Facebook or Twitter.

Buy the CD from BM SOHO here

This album would not have been possible without the time, effort and contribution from the following people. Love and thanks to all the artists for understanding my vision and taking part. To J. Schildhauer for his artwork and guidance. To D. Marshall for his exemplary mastering skills. To O. De Rooij for pretty much everything. To P. Martin and the Wizbit team. To J. Wickham for her love and patience. To Snooks and the rest of the guys at BM Soho. To Diccon and everyone else at Chemical. To Will and the team at Hedmuk. To Alastair and the guys at Trusik. But most importantly, love and thanks to you guys – the FKOF fans. Without you, none of this would have been possible. Thank you.


Buy the CD from Chemical here

Track list:

  1. Nanobyte – Another Promise
  2. BunZer0 – Melancholy
  3. FNC – Code Signal
  4. Juss B – Friction
  5. Gantz – Low Lands
  6. The Illuminated – Conspicuously Smooth
  7. Soundproof – Everyday
  8. Subreachers – Dysfunctional Systems LTD
  9. Thelem – Drones (TMSV remix)
  10. Fused Forces – Litter Bug
  11. Boot & TZR – Pathetic Earthlings
  12. Content – Osmosis VIP
  13. Percept – Reality
  14. Caski – Sandstone
  15. Perverse – Hallidome
  16. Sparxy – Follow Me
  17. Truth – No Difference
  18. Ipman – Flipmode
  19. Camu – Invocation
  20. Eleven8 – Motions

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