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FKOF Un/Known02

FatKidOnFire Presents

We took a leap of faith with 2013’s Un/Known01. A small one, in the scale of things, but a leap of faith nonetheless. Roughly a year later, FatKidOnFire is now a proper, if digital-only, record label releasing bass music every month.

The successes of our debut album, and the FKOFd EPs that followed, suggest there’s still life in the music industry. Even in a sound as niche as ours.

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So we’re delighted to once again compile 20 of our favourite producers in this year’s FKOFUn/Known02. It’s the same concept; bass music producers old and new together showcasing some of the best sounds in the genre. But this time we know, somewhere out there, there are people willing to support the work we do – and the sound we all know and love.

For those of you who supported last year’s compilation, you may notice the price is slightly higher. We’ve pressed a higher number of CDs (totalling 350) and have tried something a bit different with the way the album is actually made (e.g. the covers on the CDs are actually screen printed rather than digitally printed) – which, when you get the album in hand, will hopefully have been worth it!

And there’s a vinyl release that needs to be paid for.

We’re also helping to raise money (for his local animal shelter) in remembrance of Chris ‘Cris Fern’ Ferrantello. Chris sadly passed away earlier this year – soon after signing with us for what was (at the time) his debut release.


Chris’ family have given the release of Justus their blessing and we hope that money raised will go some way to marking Chris’ memory and short but amazing impact on the international bass music community.

Sadly, the recent (if expected) demise of Chemical Records took with it all of our remaining Un/Known01 stock – and all of the money raised by your support through the retailer. We will, therefore, be distributing this year’s compilation wholly independently. There’s only one of me, so please bare with the process over the next few weeks – as if last year’s anything to go by I will be living in my local Post Office!

We may deposit a few copies of the album with the team at BM Soho (who have the last remaining copies of Un/Known01 in stock) so keep an eye on the shop and its website. Big love to Snooks and the gang for their continuing support of independent labels!


In the coming weeks, once we’ve got the new FKOF tees in stock, we’ll be offering FKOF tee + FKOFUn/Known02 bundles for £30 (including a few FKOF stickers) – but from today, we’ll be offering a free download of the FKOFUn/Known02 promo mix and digital copies of the double album to anyone who purchases the physical release.

Simply email me with a copy of your receipt. If you email me and don’t hear back (I get a 50-100 emails a day so bear with me!), give me a nudge on Facebook or Twitter.

Buy the CD from FKOF Here

Buy the digital files from FKOF Here

This project wouldn’t have been possible without some of the following people. Love and thanks to all the artists, you’re awesome. To Jo, you know why. To Jamie, the big brother I never asked for. To Olaf, for keeping me on the straight and narrow. To Paul and the Wizbit team. To Chris, for not being here to enjoy this. We miss you dude. Lastly, love and thanks to you, the supporter buying our music and reading this.

It looks like that leap of faith paid off.

Track list:

  1. Barom – Skeptical People
  2. VGB – 13th Floor
  3. Maribor – Bloodsport
  4. Sepia – Skyline
  5. Eva808 – Riddim
  6. EshOne – Hackle
  7. Olie Bassweight – Walk VIP
  8. Cris Fern – Justus
  9. Quantam Soul – Dread is Dread
  10. Argo – Asylum
  11. J.Robinson – Nova
  12. Wayfarer & Kanjira – Amputate
  13. Vowid ft. Talabun MC – The Ritual
  14. Valac – Extraction
  15. Compa – Spektor
  16. Konvex – Quarantine
  17. D-Operation Drop – Testify
  18. Sleeper – Ill Intentions
  19. Bunzero – Hyperspace
  20. Format – Nothing

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