Floating Away - Lutetia Dubz x FatKidOnFire

Floating Away

Lutetia Dubz x FatKidOnFire

It’s Friday, but not just any Friday. Today sees us celebrating an entirely unnecessary calendar occurrence Valentines Day in (one of) the only way(s) we know how – with a wicked free download…

Nibe ft. Shanti - Floating Away

“Saint Valentine’s Day? For Lutetia it’s a day for sweet, sweet sounds and soothing basslines!

“Alone or not, let Lutetia take care of your sore heads, throbbing after a week in the grey cold or a night out in the rain.

“To share her word of love, Lutetia is giving away label master Nibé’s Floating Away as a Valentine’s gift.”

Free downloads, especially Valentine’s Day free downloads, don’t get more sumptuous and smooth than this… This one’s been floating about for a few months, but is out refixed and remastered today through the label that’s been giving us Fine Cuts over the past few weeks. As far as I know there’s no Fine Cuts update this weekend but this free download more than makes up for it! The imprint has also just released the line up for their next No Hype Just Bass event in Paris next month; featuring Commodo, JKL and Maat.

Nibe’s weighty production sits below Shanti‘s stunning vocals, combining to form one of the nicest tracks I’ve heard in ages! Bristol via Brighton’s Shanti is a talent you guys need to be watching for, we’re crying out for some decent vocal-led music at the moment and she has the voice to make that happen. You can follow her updates on Facebook here.

Mastered by Kelu @ Dog’s Niche
Download the WAV on the Lutetia FB page here.

Peace, love and respect.