Aiko Jones x FatKidOnFire - [Free Download]

Aiko Jones x FatKidOnFire

[Free Download]

It’s been a good few months since Korrupt‘s last Interview + Review. After finally meeting the legendary Dutchman last weekend at the FatKidOnFire x M.U.D SoundClash, he’s just sent me the latest in his little interview series: a catch up and FKOF free download from Valencia’s Aiko Jones

Hello everybody! It’s been a long time since I took care of an interview, so I am back with a fresh one to get you guys up to speed again… I’ve been pretty busy with structuring things in my life. In just over a week I will be a student again, working on an Audio Engineering course as a full-time job instead of working until late everyday!

Now that I will have more time for interviews like this, I figured it was time to introduce you to Aiko Jones, all the way from Carcaixent (near Barcelona, Spain)!

I found him a long while ago on SoundCloud. Having heard his release on Vulcan Audio, I was very curious of his producing capabilities and once I heard his tunes I was totally hooked and felt like he needed more exposure. When I approached him, he was very excited and sent me the interview in a short while!

Just last week, a person recommended we feature Aiko. The interview and material was ready to be uploaded already – but it acted as simply a reminder (that I’m ahead of things) haha!

Have a read of the interview and enjoy his amazing tune called ‘Mystic’, the title speaks for itself in my opinion! Aiko’s specialty are his control on transforming growls, the low-end involved and the atmosphere he creates within his sounds. Just close your eyes when you listen to his tunes. You will know what I mean – ENJOY!

Aiko, tell me something about yourself and your past?

Hi, my name is Enric and I am 22 years old. I live in Carcaixent, a town located near Valencia, Spain. This year I’ve finished all my studies and I am devoting the rest of the year to music.

I’m part of a music collective called Ribera Junglists, releasing DnB, dubstep and other styles. Making money is not the principal, I like the idea that I can put music out there which everyone can enjoy and might be listening to at this very moment.

When did you start producing and who or what has influenced you (and how)?

In 2004, I started producing DnB using Reason and a Korg EMX as a groovebox. At that time, the principal influences were labels such as Advance//d Recordings, RAM Records and other similar labels. Gradually, over time, my taste of music style has been changing from jump up to the darkest side of DnB until getting into dubstep.

Once I was stuck into dubstep, my very first influences were labels such as Circus Records, Dub Police, Sub Soldiers etc. During this time I have been doing research, getting basic production knowledge but I never took it to the next level. Not until last year anyway.

I really formed my taste and started producing sounds that is highly influenced by the music labels such as Osiris, M.U.D, Tempa, Black Box, DEEP MEDi etc. The dark flavor is what suits me best as of right now, which you will hear in my productions. 

What’s been your biggest gig, and which DJ/ producer would you want to play out with in the future?

One of the most important gig that I ever had was with Freestylers and Mampi Swift in Qoqoa, Spain. In the near future I would love to be on a line-up in and around London with important producers belonging to labels such as Osiris, Tectonic, Box Clever and more.

How do your tracks come about?

I usually start producing a simple rhythm and while other times I use sounds to get inspired. I really enjoy using the VirusTI and Super Nova II in order to create pads or leads, from that the idea develops further to a more solid piece.

Once I get along with the feeling of the track, I most likely finish it. What I hate the most is that I get stuck on a track, it sitting there for a while and not getting finished.

What are your goals for the future?

Next term I will be living and studying in Barcelona. My principal intention is to continue learning and improving producing and mixing, working with new people and starting a new project.

My principal aim is to be able to release music on one of the labels named previously above.

What direction will your music take in the upcoming 5 years?

This is a hard question to answer. Hopefully I will carry on making the music that I like. On one hand experiment a little bit with it but always filled with musicality and easy rhythms.

Who would you like to thank for their support?

Since I was a little boy I have always been listening tho electronic music at home. My father has always listened to bands Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, Kitaro, Himekami and so on. Thanks to them and having studied music since I was a small little boy, I have gained the knowledge I use nowadays.

That’s why I’d like to thank my family, my girlfriend Mireia, Kitobeat and everyone that’s always made me believe in my music. I’d also like to thank Vulcan Audio and all its family.

Thanks for reading yet again, be sure to follow Aiko Jones and show your support! I’m glad to have him featured on FKOF – make sure you check the FKOF free download he was willing to share with the world below!

Next week I’ve got Specialist from The Hague, The Netherlands being featured in an Interview + Review – where we’ll be sharing some tracks with serious weight… Keep an eye out, stay tuned and see you next week!



This FKOF free download from Aiko Jones is a big one. I know I always say that – but this one is weighty. Snappy percussion, killer melodies and a pretty damn awesome mixdown. What more do you want? This one’s a 55MB WAV so hit me up on Twitter (or leave a comment here) if you want the 320. Otherwise, follow Aiko Jones on SoundCloud and Facebook to keep track of him…


Korrupt’s review of Aiko Jone’s ‘Mystic’:

“I’m in love with the soft layered pads coming in with the girl vox up top of the mix, adding a lot of depth and emotion. The delayed synth sits perfectly with those pads, it’s got a very nice delay on it – sometimes implemented on a off-beat basis!

“The drop is hard – serious business, very poppy kick which is present nicely in the mix and works well with the snare. I would have added a little bit more reverb to the snare, but other than that it’s very snappy and armed with some slicing power. The low-end is armed with weight, its patterns give the track so much flow. Definitely well composed and placed underneath the percussion and drum patterns.

“The percussion sounds fresh and well implemented – and the drum patterns fit well with them too. The growls are sounding sick, great progression in them and they’re mixed down properly, loads of variations implemented. They show that Aiko has great control on his basslines and such.

“It’s nice that you can hear these choirs fade into the background, accompanied by great guitar riff sounds that flow in and out of the mix frequently. It’s great how the girl vox from earlier in the track returns in the mix with that piano type of synth coming in gradually – really enthralling!

“The break sounds proper with some nice dark samples used to convey a mystical feeling. The second drop is sick as well, new growls have been developed that flow through the mix nicely. There’s even a nice little switch-up in drum patterns and everything!

“Aiko showing what he’s made off with his ‘Mystic’ track! With well deserved releases on Vulcan Audio and Imperial Audio, it’s only a matter of time before we hear some new dark and dangerous bits from him! Keep an eye out on this man from Spain!”

Peace, love and respect.