Anex x FatKidOnFire - [Free Download]

Anex x FatKidOnFire

[Free Download]

We’re three weeks into 2012 and have already seen six MakeItGood x FatKidOnFire features; four exclusive mixes and now the first FKOF free download of the year.

ICU:Audio and InnaMind Recordings’ Anex first featured here at the end of November for his debut MIG x FKOF mix and interview. I’ve been following Jon for a while now – and it seems a lot of you have been as well.

He recently hit the big 1,000 followers on his SoundCloud account and hit me up asking if I was interested in releasing it via FatKidOnFire. I’m not one to shy away from some good tunes, so here we are! Anex has kindly given away three of his tracks; ‘Requiem’, Strength’, ‘Rain Falls Down’ along with the Congi remix of ‘Requiem’. After giving away Killawatt’s ‘Overflow EP‘ last year, it’s great to kick off the new year with another release – so here goes, Anex’s ‘The Requiem EP’…


  1. Anex – Requiem [Click to DOWNLOAD]
  2. Anex – Requiem (Congi remix) [Click to DOWNLOAD]


  1. Anex – Strength [Click to DOWNLOAD]
  2. Anex – Rain Falls Down [Click to DOWNLOAD]

If you have any thoughts on Anex‘s ‘The Requiem EP’, or want to recommend a new artist you’ve discovered or just want a chat about something you’ve seen on FatKidOnFire, leave a comment below or get in touch via emailTwitterFacebook or the FKOF TakesQuestions page.

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