Camu x FatKidOnFire - [Free Download]

Camu x FatKidOnFire

[Free Download]

It’s that time of the week again – Korrupt‘s up and outdone himself with the latest Interview+Review. Tonight sees us learn more about up-and-coming Dutch producer Camu; and the FKOF free download is straight fire…

A while back, I visited the Bassweight Society [legit site, definitely guys to support] blog most of you know (if not check it out for sure). I was just wandering through the posts to update myself on the newest bass news and scrolled down, where I came across an interview with this dude that goes under the alias Camu. After reading and listening to his tune called ‘Visions of Wings’, I was quite impressed with what he produced.

I started following him on SoundCloud and saw him post tracks that are quite different from what I normally listen to (i.e. the dark minimal dubstep). I like to mix things up a bit, so I decided to give it all ago. By the end of it, I was hooked and now it has had a big influence on me – wanting to explore the depths of the tribal bass sound. Those sounds always give me the feeling you’re on a journey to ‘something’…

So I decided to approach Camu and asked if he was interested in a short interview for FKOF, he was flabbergasted(!) and wanted to share his views on the music he loves. Coincidently, he had finished up this sick track called ‘Hardwood Eyes’, and when I listened to it I knew that this Interview+Review was going to be a BLAST!

Please continue reading, and enjoy the track he was willing to share with FKOF and the rest of the world; it’s some complex sub-driven tribal track!

Camu, tell me something about yourself and your past?

Good evening to all of you. My name is Shawnee, I am 17 years old and I live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I spend most of my days in my room writing music. I have been into music from a very young age, my mother used to be a DJ and always played the best of music (tunes I still listen to on a daily basis) and showed me how great music can be!

I am a very spiritual person and always try to reflect my inner feelings in my music. I like music that sounds organic and alive, music with a lot of soul to it. Music that was written from the heart, not the wallet.

When did you start producing and who or what has influenced you?

I started playing around in Renoise somewhere in 2008, didn’t really do much with it besides experimenting a little bit. I made my first serious tunes in the beginning of 2011.

My biggest  influences come from dreams and other thoughts I have. Things that happen each day and people I talk to influence my mood a lot too. 

How do your tracks come about?

Well, that is different every time I start a tune.

It’s not like I sit down and say to myself: “You have to make a new tune!”,  it usually just happens. When I wake up from a dream, or when I am distracted by a thought or some other feeling inside me that I need to express; they’re usually the moments when I start a tune and just try to reflect the feelings of that particular moment in my music.

That is also why I am so terrible at finishing tunes; I just don’t like to force myself to finish things.

I want everything to be perfect, I want people to see a story in front of them while they are listening to my tunes. I don’t necessarily want to make club bangers, I also find it important that  people can relax (or even meditate) to my music when they are at home or on the road.

I love to use atmospheric samples, soundscapes, recordings of prayers, streets and other things to give my music an extra dimension. It sends my mind to another place and that is mainly the goal behind my music. For producing, I mainly use samples that I find on the internet, and I also rip samples out of vinyl/ CDs and movies. Especially old documentaries have great samples in them. 

What are your goals for the future?

Finish school, live together with my girlfriend and just keep writing more music – I have some great projects in the works and can’t wait to finish those.

Travelling through the Middle East is also something that is high on the list of things I want to do.

What direction do you think your music will take in the future?

It will probably become more abstract. I’m experimenting a lot with new techniques and different ways of sampling and processing.  I’m working with someone close to me for vocals for future projects.

I also want to write some ambient albums and would love to work with people from other countries (native people) and besides that I hope to get the chance release some of my music in the future!

Who would you like to thank for their support?

My girlfriend Talitha, my family, my mates Deity & Gantz, The Bassweight Society, Trusik and of course FatKidOnFire for interviewing me! I feel honoured and I hope you guys like the tune.

Respect and peace to all of you.

Tell me the story behind the track you are sharing as a free FKOF download?

I wrote ‘Hardwood Eyes’ after I spent a whole day in the museum reading and watching things about the tribes in Africa and Asia. The pictures, stories and movies they were showing really left a big impression on me. I left the museum with a head full of ideas and just had to express them once I got home. This was in February 2012.

I also had to deal with some frustrations from school and all so I was also a little annoyed, angry and confused. Maybe that is something you can hear in the intro and drop; a calm build up to a big explosion of feelings and frustrations dying to get out…

If anyone wants the WAV hit me up, cheers!

Camu’s FKOF free download is as amazing as the interview suggests it will be. I’ll be following Shawnee’s sound with great interest in the coming months – click play or grab the download and find out why you should to!


Korrupt’s review of Camu’s ‘Hardwood Eyes’:

“What a nice way to start the track! A harsh pounding kick nicely delayed, followed by this mystical pad and a wooden clave hitting on point. Loving the panning of the clave all the way to the right! The disappearance of the elements with only the pad left, gives the climax a nice spin. The drop is mental, sick panning on the synths which are delayed like crazy – also great filters used to attain this sound. The low-end adds so much to the atmosphere in the track, warm and somewhat distorted which gives it some extra natural vibe. The percussion is already really intense and sounds very unique, it’s not just one bongo; there are several! The vox sample is absolutely beautiful, giving it a really tribal feeling. The track makes my mind go back into the past, where it all began.

“More mystical elements appear which blend in real nicely with the rest. The break is incredibly deep and lasts for only a short period of time. Right after, the second ‘drop’ is sick, new variations in drum patterns and percussion, me not having the feeling this track will ever end, everything sounds so unimaginable! Then a new part of the track drops in, nice delay on a vox sample, I feel like a warrior. Coming near the end, Camu hypnotises you even more by the use of different vox samples which are delayed beautifully. The ending of the track is a perfect way to finish the mental journey for the listener.??

“An obliviously mental track with so much soul and power, simply mind blowing! Definite next-level business. Camu always produces unique material, and has been setting standards with his tribal-infused-sound. Keep an eye on this man, more material will follow soon!”

Within two weeks, I’ll be meeting up with Camu in Amsterdam to sit down, have a drink and discuss the interview. We’ll also discuss a possible collab we have been planning for the near future – keep an eye out for it; our two ‘styles’ will be blended into the mixer.

But first, I’m heading to SYSTEM, so look out for the review that might follow… Hope to see you all there, if not don’t miss the next one! 

Thanks again for reading and see you next week; it’s going to be another sick one!



Peace, love and respect.