Darj x FatKidOnFire - [Free Download]

Darj x FatKidOnFire

[Free Download]

The site’s still going up and down – so apologies for any of you who’ve been unable to access FatKidOnFire over the passed few days. Carl and I are hopefully sorting the server switch tomorrow (if all goes to plan). Thanks for your continuing patience. We’ll fix it, eventually! Keep up to date with everything on Facebook or Twitter until everything’s back to normal.

For those of you follow the FKOF account on SoundCloud (and any other account pushing the dubstep sounds), you may have noticed Korrupt and his truly amazing comments/ feedback. Olaf‘s been commenting on the FKOF x MakeItGood uploads for a while now – but I had somewhat of an epiphany recently.

Given there’s been a resurgence of FKOF free downloads recently (I’ve lost track of how many there’ve been in the last month alone!) I thought it might be cool to get Korrupt on board and get him to write reviews of the tracks being given away here on FatKidOnFire. Luckily, Olaf thought that was a good idea so here we are. Korrupt’s first review ended up being more of an interview+review – which he’ll be repeating once a week or so. Welcome to the team man!

A few days ago, I came across of this French dude going under the alias Darj. As ignorant as I was at first, I clicked on one of the first tracks I saw on his SoundCloud page. After listening to it I was hooked. To my surprise I saw that those three tracks were part of his newest release on Krypt Records (KRYPT002). I was familiar with KRYPT001, so I was like: “How did I miss this guy?!”.

I decided to send him a message to see if I could get a track or two to listen to and share my thoughts. He was stoked to hear that I was interested and sent me a track called ‘Disappointed’, which I will review later in this article. After a good listen, I messaged him some feedback and he was super stoked. Some good vibes from both sides so here I am sharing some things about this great up-and-coming producer with an unfortunate past…

[Darj’s dog]

Darj, tell me something about yourself/ your past?

Bonjour! I’m a French producer from the Saint-Malo area. My name is Émilien and I’m 29 years old and currently unemployed. In 2006, I was involved in a car crash, which disabled me. I can’t walk without a crutches and I can’t stand up more than 10 minutes. I have Sympathetic Reflex Dystrophy in my left knee. It’s like having a dagger under your kneecap all the time (it’s that painful). I used to be a bartender at several hotels in the area I live in but now I have to find something else – which is taking time.

How long have you been producing and what are your influences?

I’ve been producing beats since September 2010, I can’t really explain why but I just wanted to form my own sound.

I use Ableton Live, mostly with Massive and a ton of other VSTs. I’m into the deeper and darker side of substep, but I like producing some laid-back tunes too. My influences come from jazz, reggae, drum&Bass and rock.

My most favorites producers are Phaeleh, J:Kenzo, Compa, Mala, Perverse, Biome, Truth, Asa and so many more.

How did your releases come about?

It started on the end of 2011, with Kamikaz Cross Fader and HiQdub. Two nice free web labels making compilations of French producers. I have a lot of respect for these guys, seriously.

Then I had a four track EP on Lowpass Records which was out in April.

Following that was a three track EP which has just been released on Krypt Records, containing some of my deeper stuff.

And there’s again two tracks forthcoming on Future Follower Records. I’m pretty happy with each one of these releases, even if I’m never satisfied at 100% with my tunes.

I placed 3rd in the Subaqueous remix competition. That remix will be released for free soon by the way!

What are your goals for the future?

My goal in the future is to keep making music – and I’d love to start DJing or start doing live sets. I hope my health will improve so I can start realizing those goals. Producing tunes are my real goal since it’s some sort of therapy for me.

How do your tracks come about and what direction will your music take in the future?

That’s a really hard question. I never really start a tune with a straight idea to be honest. I write as it comes, with my feelings I live with at that very moment. In the future, I think I will have broadened my knowledge of music production, experimenting with bass music as I go. That’s all I can say…

And I would love to work with a vocalist in the near future!

Anyone you’d like to thank for their support?

I’d love to thank a few people. My wife first, she’s always here for me. My family, my friends, Biloon & Romu from Kamikaz Cross Fader, the HiQdub crew, Thee Joker and PolishPat from Lowpass Records, John Diverse from Krypt Records, Naza From FF Records, Construct from JLD, El Ninho Dubmarine.

Big thanks to the others French producers, TheSK, Volo[DM], AB2O, Altazer and Hubwar for the help given. And big up for everyone supporting me and pushing me making music. Big thanks to FKOF for that, nuff respect[thanks man]!

Once Darj had responded to my interview questions, I was amazed at how powerful music is/ can be. I’ve believed (for a very long time) that it’s a form of therapy for almost everything.

We wanted to give him some of the exposure he needs and most definitely deserves! Respect to Darj, thanks for this great interview and we’re looking forward to more material of yours. We know it’ll be good and hang in there man, we hope your health will improve soon!

You’ll find ‘Disappointed’ available as a free download below; along with Korrupt’s wicked review. The track’s a WAV – but it’s definitely one to leave to download. A true beauty!

Check back over the coming weeks for more interviews and/or reviews from Korrupt. The next one he’s lined up is a 3 track EP from an exciting producer from Colorado…

Click to DOWNLOAD Darj’s ‘Disappointed’

Korrupt’s review of Darjeelingz’s ‘Disappointed’:

“This track is very interesting in my opinion.

The intro starts with very warm synth that really catches my ears, followed by some nicely reverb’d elements. Building up to the first drop is well put together, you hear the synth evolving and new elements appearing. The drop is heavy and overpowering, with a rich and fat sub-bass that fills the low-end of the track nicely. A melodic and moody vibe shines off this track, full of great samples adding a lot to the characteristics of the track. The panned growl is solid too and reappears from time to time which add more deepness. The composition of the synth patterns are mind-blowing, this is one of those tracks you really get lost into space with.

The track has a nicely minimal approach, and the break adds to the power of the second drop. Did I mention the snares used in this track? Solid natural vibe as they remind me a bit of those Kryptic Minds snares. The second drop is great, similar to the first one but it still is solid. The development of the track will be soon after, Darj goes in deeper by shooting beautiful synth-waves at your ears. Ace track, this one for deep meditation!

A great track. My mind was blown and yours should be too! As Darj stated when he sent me the track; it’s a deep and melodic track. I had no clue what was coming because I only knew him from his deep tracks I’d heard. This one’s goosebump material, brought on right before the end of track with those highly emotive synths! The track’s title completely fits the track, but that’s a story for another day…

Darj knows his game. Be sure to check this guy out!

Cheers, Korrupt.”

Peace, love and respect.