Diaboliks x FatKidOnFire - [Free Download]

Diaboliks x FatKidOnFire

[Free Download]

So the latest member of the FatKidOnFire team, Korrupt, is coming correct with his interviews+reviews. He’s on the outlook for any worthy up-and-coming producer – introducing French producer Darj and American producer Iant here on FKOF. Tonight sees Olaf sit down with 15 year old producer Diaboliks; straight from Christchurch NZ…

Welcome back readers. Thanks for taking the time to read my interviews from the past two weeks! If you are a new, don’t worry as more talented producers will be featured in the upcoming months.
This week, I’ve got a young producer who definitely deserves some exposure. I would like to introduce you to Oliver Garnder, who goes under the alias Diaboliks! A young talent from New Zealand that I came across with a week ago, as always through SoundCloud.

A little more recently (last weekend to be exact), Youngsta and MC Toast have been tearing down dancefloors in some nice venues with great soundsystems across New Zealand. So when I found out about Oliver, I was like: “Why not interview a dude from New Zealand?!” As most of you know, New Zealand has some sick producers making dubstep these days (like Truth, Perverse, Ghost Note, Lefty, Sine, and many others I haven’t mentioned)! They all started off as up-and-coming talent and so now does Diaboliks. Who knows… Keep an eye on this fella! It’s a short interview, give it a read, listen to his FKOF free download and see for yourself.

Make sure to share your thoughts!

Diaboliks, tell me something about yourself and your past?

Hello! I’m Oliver Garnder, 15 years old, junior at Rudolf Stiener School. I live in a port town called Lyttelton, through the tunnel from Christchurch; in the south island of New Zealand, Aotearoa. I grew up in Christchurch with my Mum, but later we moved to Lyttelton. As of right now I live with my Mum, my 4 year old brother and my dog called Snoop. I like to snowboard in the winter and make tunes whenever I’ve got the opportunity. I work part time at Governers Bay Hotel as a kitchen hand. I love hanging out with my friends and going out in the weekends.

How long have you been producing and what or who has influenced?

I started producing about 5 or 6 months ago when I was searching around on Google and found Ableton Live – I never really thought about making music but once I had the program I was hooked and got straight into it. My influence would have to be a few mates at school that had been producing for a while and DJing, but my biggest influence would have to be Kryptic Minds. I started listening to them a while back and wanted to sound like them, but the more I got into the more underground dubstep culture, my ideas on the sounds I wanted to produce changed.

How do your tracks come about?

The more I listen to minimal dubstep the more I learn about the sound and how to produce it. I don’t really know how they come about; usually I come home every day and jump straight on to Ableton. The tune will reflect the mood I’m in: I put a lot of emotion into my music.

What are your goals for the future?

In regards to producing, my current goal is to buy new studio equipment (faster computer, studio monitors etc.). My goals for the next few years are to finish school, travel and to discover more of what I want to do with my life and my music. And of course I’m trying to gain more knowledge of how to make music – trying to make my music evolve over time.

What direction will your music take in the upcoming 5 years?

That will depend on if and when I get my studio going, and also my devolving personal identity. However, ultimately I would like to sign to a music label and release some of my tracks!

Who would you like to thank for their support?

My mum because she allows me to spend hours in my room making tunes, she also listens and try’s to dance. She gives me encouragement! I also would like to thank FatKidOnFire that gave me the opportunity to share my thoughts and music with the rest of the world! [You’re more than welcome man]!

Tell me the story behind the track you are sharing as a free FKOF download?

No story really, I produced it with my mood being reflected on my track. I just sent a clip of the track to Olaf and he asked me to finish it for the interview!

Given Diaboliks’ Christchurch heritage; it’s kind of a given that his FKOF free download was going to be straight fire – and Oliver definitely delivers…


Korrupt’s review of Diaboliks’ ‘Vague’:

“Really interesting intro, it sounds as if you’re leaving a murder scene. Really deep pads with some great ambient type of sound in the background. The sample is really nice, loving the long delay on it which fades out nicely. The drop is awesome, loving the low-end but sometimes it fades out too soon – so you miss a little pressure. The kick is present nicely with an immediate bassline below it, I’m loving the percussion which varies a lot until the break. The drum patterns show some nice minimal approach showing some cool variations. I’ve got to say the reverb on the snare is nice! There’s also a tribal feel to this track, some elements remind me of it and is empowered by that wobbly bassline for some reason.

“The break sounds deep and dark, you can hear some vox samples in the background. The second drop is nice, little different from the first part – with some serious little growls which are on-point! Cool development overall and a great vibe. The only (constructive!) criticism I’ve got is that I miss a real solid sub-bass and some mid-frequencies; the highs are a bit overpowering. But that’s it!

“Cheers, Korrupt.

o that’s it. Next week, another interview with another fresh producer, keep an eye out for it!”

Peace, love and respect.