Iant. x FatKidOnFire - [Free Download]

Iant. x FatKidOnFire

[Free Download]

Last week I introduced the latest member of the FatKidOnFire team; Korrupt. Olaf’s making a name for himself with his wicked reviews on the FKOF free downloads, but he’s also going out and doing a bit of A&R (if you can call it that) work for the site. His debut post saw him talking to French producer Darj – this week it’s American producer Iant. Don’t sleep on the wicked three track ‘FKOF EP’ at the end of the interview either…

Iant, tell us about yourself!

Iant. comes from my name, Ian Tobias – so it felt right for me to have that as my nickname. I got into the dubstep sound around 2008/ 2009. Growing up, my ears were exposed to music coming from names like Richard Humpty Vission, Bad Boy Bill, DJ Irene, Fat Boy Slim, Daft Punk – as well as others like Diesel Boy, AK1200 and Dara. My dad was the one playing the music; I didn’t know who it was or who made it at the time, I just thought that they were good jams.

When did you start producing and who/ what has influenced you?

In high school I started paying more attention to music, by that time I bought an iMac. After listening to the back catalogues of Diesel Boy, Irene, and Daft Punk, I searched out for a similar sound.

I soon discovered the blog world and it led me to Justice and the genre of fidget house. Fidget took the dirty basslines in drum & bass I came to love and put them at house speeds with less percussion and a jacking vocal. Around the same time I was finding this genre I started to experiment with cut up loops and preset samples, trying to make my own sound. At first it was just a bunch of cool sounds thrown together with a major Beastie Boys influence; but as I found new music, I wanted to replicate it and make it sound like fidget, dubstep, drum & bass etc.

The blogs I was following were posting mostly house tunes, I had a different site just for drum & bass, but then they started to post up a completely new sounds.

The first couple dubstep tunes I heard were Mistabishi’s ‘White Collar Grime’, Enei’s ‘Crispy Rolls’, Bar 9’s ‘Midnight’, Jakes & Joker’s ‘3k Lane’ and of course ‘Where’s My Money‘ by Caspa. As fidget began to die out, I started making dubstep as Iant in 2009.

At first my tunes were inspired by Datsik’s ‘Apples’ and early Rottun Recordings releases (without having any production skills whatsoever). Comparing them to the releases coming out right now…! People went crazy with it and it started to lose its soul, only a few kept it fresh all the time (like Bukez Finezt for example).

In the summer of 2011, my music took a different direction, before then I would master my music using headphones and my computer speakers (the result was no bass, overly middy and bad levels). Now I have multiple subs and master through actually the method of looking at my PA to see where my needle is hitting and getting my levels where they need to be. My music is more bass-oriented now, before it was lacking quite a bit!

How do your tracks come about?

A new track begins to develop in my mind as soon as I post up the last one I made. Things I hear or see during the week or month all have an influence on what I’m going to produce, before I even sit down to make a beat. I will be listening to other people’s tunes thinking: “Do I like what they did with beat here, or do I like how they made the whatever”.

I am also constantly listening to my own music to try and improve the quality of my sound, so when I step up to the mix next time, I know what I need to do.

What are your goals and what direction will your music take in the future?

I’m going to just keep doing my own thing, work on my music and continue to develop and improve it all.

My main style of music is dubstep, mostly wobbly or deep, and I try to combine the chill and the hard really.

As of right now the bulk of my productions will be dubstep with the occasional drum & bass/ house on the side. Musically though, I’m really down to make almost anything as long as it has a good groove. In the future, I’ll have a new iMac and hopefully Logic as a sequencer, which could help me to continue my quest to to push the quality of my sound forward.

Who would you like to thank for their support?

I would like to thank any one that took the time to read this and everyone that listens to my music. If you took the time to comment on a tune or leave me a message, know that it’s much appreciated! Of course thanks to FKOF for constantly pushing good music, and also free music on the regular!

Tell me about the tracks you are giving away as FKOF free downloads?

These tunes could have you blasting out one second, or vibing to yourself with your eyes closed.

After the words comes the music. And Iant. definitely hasn’t disappointed with the three tracks he’s giving away as ‘The FKOF EP’…


Korrupt’s review of Iant.’s ‘Lost in Space’:

“The intro sounds like we are heading towards space via those high-pads. You’re confronted with some sort of kick that doesn’t really have pop, and after a short while changes completely: heavy pop accompanied by some serious low-end. The synth right before the drop warns you that you might get lost in this track. Great composition of drum patterns; a very minimal approach. The LFOs used in this track are used wisely and add a lot of vibe to the track.

“Very nice clear and crisp elements involved surrounded by produced wobbles, pads, synths and the samples. Some of the wobbles are delayed and reverbed nicely, others have a completely different purpose. The break sounds like the intro, but has some cool elements added. The drop is straight, with this weird high-/mid-level wobble added to make you want to get even more lost in the track.

“The outro of the track ends sort of the same way as the intro starts. Which I think Iant has done on purpose, to get you back to earth so you can enjoy this track more than once. Another meditative track with a lot of wobble business, when dropping this on the dancefloor it could sooth three type of crowds, the meditators, the ravers, or the hybrids.”


Korrupt’s review of Iant.’s ‘Oil Slick VIP’:

“Great intro of the track, loving that vox sample which gives you feelings like ‘what’s happening’ and ‘help’! You suddenly hear this weird wobbly synth coming in and a very resonant synth accompanying it. You’re immediately confronted with some serious low-end and some great drum patterns.

“The drop is very on point in my opinion; leaving a great sense of style behind. Nicely used vox sample again, with nice some great reverb’d and delayed elements. Crisp hi-hats, snares and other parts in the drum patterns. The development of the track is straight fire, you’re confronted with new sounds and variations quickly keeping you up to speed. Also those water drop kind of sounds really fit into the track. The break is quite peaceful and short, to jump back in from where we ended. The upcoming wobbles grow further and give the track some ‘fat’ characteristics. You can hear little glitch sounds if you listen carefully, these are well played and not necessarily played on the same intervals.

“The ending of the track is very nicely put together. This track really reminds me of the track title – it’s as if you’re walking through an oil slick trying not to fall. Now it’s up to you to decide if you fell for it or not! A nice break-/ glitchstep type of track…”


Korrupt’s review of Iant.’s ‘Underwards VIP’:

“The beginning of the intro sounds really comforting because of the mystical pads and the strange wobble that’s thrown down almost immediately. The first drum pattern comes in gradually and is followed by this distorted bass synth for a short time.

“The drop immediately takes you into a great journey of strange sounds, with a warm and rich low-end that makes my face shake! Great variation in panned pads, with nicely low growls added. More and more elements are layered up which form a whole, that little ticking you hear comes in and changes key after a short while, making it sounds like this track is messing with time.

“Great delayed wobble which reminds me of J:Kenzo’s one, you name it. Very interesting break with a lot of low-end and peaceful joy. Next drop sounds cool, with some great minimal drum patterns involved. That fat kick and snare are actually a great part of the crisp feeling I get from the track. In the background you hear a subtle wobble that stops right at before short break. All well thought out, the wobbles are well placed and very effective. This track is a straight meditative track, with a lot of strange beauty in it. Great production, Iant.

Cheers, Korrupt.”

Peace, love and respect.