Heroes: Nike Air Max 1 - JD x FatKidOnFire

Heroes: Nike Air Max 1

JD x FatKidOnFire

Fancy winning a pair of Nike Air Max 1s/ 90s/ 95s – or pretty much any pair you can see here? Read on…

I led a fairly sheltered life, at least as far as my childhood went, when it came to owning the latest and greatest pair of trainers or sneakers (or whatever you want to call them). I remember rocking an awesome pair of Lacostes when I was in primary school, moving on to a pair or two Vans and DC skate shoes as I headed up into high school. The lack (or perceived lack) of trainer ownership might go some way towards explaining my current collection of near on 100+ pairs of shoes these days.

So when JD hit me up and asked what my ‘hero’ trainer was, it didn’t take long to answer.

I still remember the first time I wore a pair of Nike AM1s (the above are my current favourite six pairs).

I had just left home, moved to a new city and, most importantly, got my hands on a student loan – and when I saw the Total Oranges I knew I had to get my hands, and feet, on a pair. The first wear of the AM1 was a truly unforgettable experience. Comfort, style and a timeless silhouette that works with pretty much anything.

The Neptune Blues followed soon after, joined by the AM1 Premium Crepes (thanks Gavin for those!) and the countless other pairs now in my collection.
I never really got into Adidas, I’ve stayed true to Nike and the AMI (amongst other silhouettes) since my first pair. They’re definitely my ‘hero’ trainer – always have been and always will be!

JD are currently asking the nation which shoe, from 12 styles including the AM1, AF1, Blazer and more, is the #1 JD Hero:

Click here for more information about the campaign and if you fancy getting your hands/ feet on a pair vote here.

Good luck!

Thanks to Louis from UN= for the hat tip on this one, and Rosie for her help.

Peace, love and respect.