Hodge & Facta – TEMPA096 - FKOF Review

Hodge & Facta – TEMPA096

FKOF Review

Another month, another boundary-testing Tempa release. TEMPA096 sees Facta and Hodge join the revered imprint with their debut 12″ release. And what a release it is…

Hodge & Facta - Spheres of Costa Rica / Visions (TEMPA096)

It’s an interesting time for the Tempa label.

Watching the imprint slowly evolve, from its tried and tested dubstep bread and butter to a more all-encompassing ‘bass music’ stable, has definitely been intriguing. Matched, in part, by a broader listening experience during Youngsta’s Rinse FM show, the Tempa r/evolution is definitely gaining steam.

While the label seemingly sticking with some of the better dubstep releases we’ve seen recently (Skeptical’s still up there – and the newly announced Proxima releases bode well for the 140 faithful), I think it was the latest Allstars (the first since 2010) that really indicated the changing landscapes. It was a release with a bit of everything, something for everyone.

And while November’s two track release is slightly more focused (in the sense it sticks to one grimey area of the ‘bass music’ genre), TEMPA096 continues the work Allstars started…

The FKOF review

TEMPA096‘s A-side opens with some tribal sampling and hypnotic yet mystical percussion. The EP opener swirls like early morning mist, eluding the listener’s attempt to interpret what the producers are up to. As the bassline rolls in, a mixture of distant vocals adds to the track’s insanity, as its intensity builds by the minute – while a switch in beats make this a signature Hodge & Facta sound. The collaborators have reached deep into the magic hat, producing a heavily delayed trip that signals to inventive beat-compiling skills. Combined, the elements in Spheres of Costa Rica are almost overwhelming – especially the weighty low end – the best way to open the duo’s Tempa debut…”

“With Visions, the duo take a grimier, dirtier approach as they explore an even deeper realm. It’s one invaded by moody growls that take their own shape, driving elevated levels of craziness. Visions pulls an act that is more than just repetition; with its intense patterning and out-of-the-box percussion. But it’s the warm, thuggish bassline that really gets things moving on the TEMPA096 B-side. Hodge and Facta have upped the creep factor with Visions, creating an adventurously alluring EP you just need to own on wax…”

TEMPA096 drops 24/11/14 on vinyl and digital.
Grab the digital (when it arrives) from Juno here
Grab vinyl from Redeye (again, when it arrives) here.


Peace, love and respect.