Introducing Chew - The DJs' live streaming community

Introducing Chew

The DJs' live streaming community

You may, or may not, have noticed an increase in events (FKOF or affiliated) we’ve been live streaming recently. If you’ve wondered why, today should give you a bit of a clue…

Introducing Chew

I’ve been working with my good friend Ben (who also happens to be a kickass developer – amongst many other talents) for the past year or so – towards what we’ve done today. Today, we launched the all-new Chew live streaming platform.

It’s a live streaming platform for DJs, built by DJs. It’s also a platform where fans of the latest music can go to watch the best DJs perform live, from anywhere in the world. If you’re a DJ, please sign up and start streaming. If you’re a music fan, check out a few of our archive shows and keep checking back as the new streams are broadcast!

Thanks to our launch partners, including DJ LGCC, TPR, Tektonik and Rasper. We’ll be rolling out more launch partners in the next few days. And a massive thanks to everyone we’ve worked with over the last year – we couldn’t have got to this point without you.

We’ve got a tonne of new features planned (external camera support, encoder compatibility, new stream controls and much, much more) for our DJ users. We’ll also be working on lots of other bits and pieces we have in the pipeline for our viewers too…

Given these things can happen, especially on launch day, if you find any bugs we’ve not yet squashed please let us know on Twitter (@chewofficial) or via email ([email protected]). And, if you’re in Newcastle on 24th January, we’re hosting a little event with a few of our local friends. Be awesome to see you there if you can make it. We’ll be streaming it for those who can’t make it too!