Introducing Navy Cut - J.Sparrow's new imprint

Introducing Navy Cut

J.Sparrow's new imprint

We’ve worked with DEEP MEDi artist J.Sparrow a few times over the years – a musician who’s widely known for music production, sound design, performance and much, much more.


The Leeds-based musician has been pushing his own sound since 2006, creating tracks inside his studio that have both versatility and a tendency to get stuck in your head for days. And, lest we forget his Author partnership with Ruckspin either. It’s a collaboration that’s responsible for two of the finest LPs we’ve ever had in bass music. As of next week, Ryan’s adding music curation and label management to his impressive CV with the launch of his new imprint Navy Cut; the continuation of a sound Ryan’s been developing since 2006…

Photo Credit - Lefotozlak

It’s a sound his fans have come to know and love, so we comfortably suggest Navy Cut will do well. Fans of the new imprint can expect releases from J.Sparrow, Ryan’s RWILD alias, Author and of course special guests. Pulling no punches, the debut release welcomes Ryan’s frequent collaborators Leo James (Ruckspin, Author and Submotion Orchestra), Ed Gooden (Quark) and vocalist Shanee. The artists have created two brilliant original works and are matched with a blazing remix by EGOLESS that will put your subs to the test. We hope you’re ready for an old-schooled, new-school sound…

The FKOF Review

Leo James’ Speak Back really strikes a chord. The core of this dubbed out jam is pure, positive vibration – and is possibly our favourite tune of the record. Its emotional tip drags listeners through the dancehall features, instilling its own sense of tranquility. The tail of the kick reminds us of a heartbeat, one that beats without an end in sight, providing one of the most important ingredients of the production. With many elements slightly delayed, all rooted sounds represent a twisted, stereo pair that speak of pure emotion through their dedicated vocals by Shanee and may remind listeners of early Rhythm & Sound material.

The laidback vibe in Day Dream In Dub is one for anyone that loves a true steppa. Its steady 4×4 beat aligns confidently with the beautiful guitar riffs from Ed Gooden that surface when the enriched bassline works its magic. Every element is of such high quality that you can feel the progression fade into bursts of both peacefulness and bright energy. The spring reverb combined with delay play an important role in delivering a wide stereo image, making this dub feel larger than first anticipated. This is a track you can play all day, all night – you’ll be catching yourself daydreaming in dub before you know it!

EGOLESS pushes everything into a more psychoacoustic state with his vigorous rework of Speak Back. The Croatian ties together a version that holds a completely different flow, but keeps the essence of the story that Leo James and Shanee were trying to tell with the original. Egoless’ ability to rework tracks into something this acoustic, spacious and vibrant shows he deserves to be featured on such an amazing record. He’s been on fire in 2015 and, if this is anything to go by, will be continuing to bring the heat this year. Who knows what he’ll be able to push on Navy Cut in the future?

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Ryan’s a figurehead of the UK bass music scene; a talent that’s spearheaded many a quality release and destroyed many a dance with his expertise. When he first told us he was launching a label, we wondered where it would sit in the often busy landscape. Would Ryan’s obvious talent translate to curating quality vinyl releases with Navy Cut too? But, perhaps as to be expected, NAVYCUT001 suggests we needn’t have worried – this is a quality release and stands a clear head and shoulders above a lot of other record labels. No mean feat with a debut release. We’re really excited to see how Navy Cut evolves over the next few releases.

With a limited 300 press run, we’re pretty sure J.Sparrow’s debut release with the Navy Cut label won’t hang around for long. Ryan and friends are seemingly ready to take on the world with their expansive and adventurous bass music. With its influences stepping in dub, reggae & sound system culture we’re excited to see what the future brings…


Photos by Lefotozlak
NAVYCUT001 drops 5th February
Pre-order from Unearthed Sounds here

Peace, love and respect.