Iron Shirt Recordings x FatKidOnFire - [Label Highlight]

Iron Shirt Recordings x FatKidOnFire

[Label Highlight]

We’ve had a pretty good run of FKOF EPs recently here on FatKidOnFire – all of which have seemed to go down with you guys an absolute treat.

Iron Shirt Recordings are one of the better ‘new’ labels to have popped up in the deeper end of the 140 dubstep sound over the past 18 months, having supported some of my favourite producers and introduced me to many more. Label-head Jesse got in touch at the start of this year and floated the idea of running a remix comp past me; they’d release the four best remixes of Mishva’s ‘Civilization‘ as an IRON digital release and we’d release our favourite two alongside an original production from Mishva and a remix from NZ producer baku.

Iron Shirt Recordings x FatKidOnFire

After three months of waiting and literally hundreds of entries, Jesse and I, alongside a few other notable judges, sat down and went through to decide on the winners. After a few weeks of back and forth, we all decided to reward the brilliant remixes from Warsa, Native, Darj and Tallan with a release on the label, which you can now stream and buy.

It was a tough call, given the quality (and quantity!) of entries, but we also narrowed down the two remixes we’d feature in the ISR x FKOF ‘Civilization Remixes EP’. Congratulations ARtroniks and ILL_K – hugely amazing work!

Korrupt‘s review of baku’s ‘Civilization’ remix:
“baku’s remix of ‘Civilization’ really touches the heart, with its beautiful but lethal elements floating through the mix. Soundscapes disappear and return nicely as the track progresses, as the minimal percussion moves forward. The original sample flows through the upper region nicely, adding weight to the production.??

“baku gives his remix vibrant character with heavyweight low-end that combines with a solid snap of a snare. The mix oozes quality, blending with the subtle resonance of the growls involved. baku successfully creates a killer remix full of emotion that you won’t forget.”


Korrupt’s review of ARtroniks’ ‘Civilization’ remix:
“This recreation of Mishva’s ‘Civilization’ is top-notch remix. Let’s get that out of the way! ARtroniks, one of Belgium’s finest producers, reworks the synths to a different pitch, while pre-delayed hats lead the listener through the intro before the track unfolds. The resonating reeses mix with the vocals with a distinctly ARtroniks flavour, while the original atmosphere of Mishva’s production is maintained.

“The beauty of ARtronik’s remix is matched by its destructive force. His intelligent sample expertise has become almost flawless this year, and ARtroniks proves this once again throughout the way the mix at the end stands out. It’s no surprise that this version of Mishva’s ‘Civilization’ is part of this insane compilation; it’s an astounding piece of work.”


Korrupt’s review of ILL_K’s ‘Civilization’ remix:
“ILL_K’s rework blends both a half-stepper and a 4×4 foundation to produce something truly merciless. The pressure coming off the combination of the kick and low-end will destroy any dancefloor, while the repeating growls will slice open any unsuspecting listener (continuing to do so throughout the mix).

“The sinister samples drag the listener down as the second drop hits, with ILL_K adding extra weight through the implementation of heavy kicks. As every element slowly returns to the mix, the reeses take different shapes and an extra layer of threat is added with the forceful low-end. Power, intensity, danger and bassweight – everything you need in a hugely powerful production.”


Korrupt’s review of Mishva’s ‘Amanosagume’:
“The triballistic flute provides a solid foundation to this interesting production. Mishva’s mix soothes the listener’s soul; characterised by by an almost Japanese flavour. The constant presence of numerous, unique percussive samples spark up the minimal trend that continues to roll throughout this production.

“The growls become deeper waves as they start to resonate heavily, introduced after the listener hears a warrior sharing his war cry. The flute continues its way through the mix, hypnotising the listener. A warm and fat low-end meanders through the production, adding an extra layer of depth to the other elements. Mishva’s second drop is guaranteed to raise eyes and then firsts, this production is not for the faint hearted. Handle with care!”


Download the 320s (.zip) here:
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Iron Shirt Recordings

Peace, love and respect.