Jack Sparrow – Hold and Pull - FKOF Review

Jack Sparrow – Hold and Pull

FKOF Review

Another month brings another categorically brilliant release from the DEEP MEDi MUSIK family. With dubstep’s leading imprint banging out a release nearly every four weeks, it’s definitely a good time to be a fan of the dubstep sounds Mala and the MEDi team help champion. And the latest release is prime example of why…

medi087 online

MEDi087 sees FKOF fam Jack Sparrow return to the imprint – his first outing since 2012’s Afraid of Me/ Good Old Days (with Author partner Ruckspin). But, as the saying goes, good things come to those who wait. This is very much the case with the three-track Hold and Pull EP. It’s guaranteed to get the feel-good summer vibes flowing with everyone gearing up for festival season, while still managing to provide something for everyone…

The FKOF Review

“The opener on MEDi087 can be characterised with its intriguing (yet enjoyable) psycho-acoustic approach, a production that playfully messes with your head from the very beginning. A techno-esque pace advances with the drop, illuminating the scene without any sign of a snare. Sonorous frequencies in Hold and Pull move to engulf the dancefloor with their constant outbursts of weight. The track’s moody lead floats up top – highlighting the rough edges of Jack Sparrow’s creation, while smoothening the surface of the adventurous waveform.

“The most wanted pirate of the seas has announced his return with an out-of-the-box opener that is unavoidable – suggesting the route to hidden aural treasure…” “Pula Riddim, as you’d expect from the title, is a tribute to summers spent in the mesmerising Croatian sun; evoking smoky days on the coast with the best producers, DJs and sound in bass music. It’s rare a track can inspire such delightful and bright memories, but Pula Riddim does just that. After almost 30 MEDi titles after his last release, Sparrow seems comfortable with his quintessential dub outings – perhaps because his sound continues to touch our scene with an overload of positive vibrations. The monumental trumpet and horn, an Author and Jack Sparrow signature, sit at the very forefront of the track, guiding listeners through soothing waves of sub and happiness. Truly beautiful.”

“EP closer Where Am I? may at first strike as a rhetorical question, but soon answers its own query. A time-honoured approach combines the old and the new, all swirling projected effects and alienated samples. The recipe is one that leads to a multi-dimension experience, one that is at home on any dancefloor, anywhere in the world. High-pitched tones and loose hi-hats will instigate unavoidable movement to a sound only Jack Sparrow can synthesise. A steezy delay, thrilling mountains of low-end and extraterrestrial audio structures – this release is everything we’d hope for from a Sparrow and MEDi partnership. Let’s hope we’re not waiting another three years for the next adventure!”

MEdi087 is out at the end of the month
Pre-order the release from today, via the usual suspects.

Peace, love and respect.