J:Kenzo – Battlefield / Zbantu Shake - FKOF Review

J:Kenzo – Battlefield / Zbantu Shake

FKOF Review

J:Kenzo - ARTKL025

Since its launch in 2012, J:Kenzo’s Artikal Music has established itself as one of the premier imprints releasing quality forward-thinking dubstep material.

And, as J:Kenzo’s stature within the genre has grown, so has the label’s. With an impeccable back catalogue that includes some of the finest 140bpm releases to drop in recent years, Artikal Music has become home to many of the genre’s finest producers. With just two solo Artikal releases, October 2016 sees the welcome return of label boss J:Kenzo with ARTKL025 — the aptly titled Battlefield EP…

Title track (and release opener) ‘Battlefield’ is everything we know a J:Kenzo tune will bring to the dance. With its addictive horn-led refrain, crisp percussion and crushing low end, ‘Battlefield’ does what it says on the tin. It’s a raucously enjoyable stepper; one that repeatedly inspires an eyes down and gunfingers up combination.

If ‘Battlefield’ is the brash, slightly arrogant big brother, the flip, ‘Zbantu Shake’, is a subtler progeny — but no less effective than its A-side brethren. Removing all but the most crucial elements, J:Kenzo has created the epitome of simplicity — one that demonstrates the producer’s ability to synthesise the material that’s made his imprint so relevant in today’s dubstep community.

Combined with stellar masters from the team at Precise Mastering, ARTKL025 represents the latest efforts of a producer and record label manager at the top of his game. The release drops in two weeks — on the 14th of October — and you’d do well to purchase. This is high-grade dubstep material and will likely fly on every format!


Peace, love and respect.