Jonny’s New Music #1

Jonny’s New Music #1

In my continuing efforts to expand the sounds you’ll discover here on FatKidOnFire, I recently got talking to a work colleague and discovered a shared love for ‘good’ music…

Jonny Parker - FKOF contributor

Jonny Parker is a DJ from London with over 6 years of playing out under his belt. After learning the guitar at the age of 7, he started listening to bands like Nirvana, Green Day, Oasis and Jimi Hendrix. Jonny discovered hip-hop when he was 11 and, after spending about a year trying to figure out how to turn his brothers 1210s on, built a passion for all things hip-hop and turntablism.

“Taking inspiration from the likes of Madlib, Slum Village, J Dilla and Erykah Badu, Jonny has an impressive taste in music that he is constantly adding to. Expect to hear new music, from a range of genres (including but not limited to funk, soul and hip-hop), in Jonny’s  ‘New Music’ posts here on FKOF every Monday.”

L’Orange ft. Blu – Alone

L’Orange is an artist I heard of early last year and has some of the most original sampling I have heard in a long time. He manages to find a balance where the strange, 1920’s Prohibition style background sample becomes as interesting as the beat itself but never overpowering each other.

Apollo Brown – Anotha One

Without doubt one of the standout albums of 2012 for me; a true piece of expertly produced hip-hop. From Detroit, the Michigan born producer has just released a collaborative album with producer and rapper Guilty Simpson entitled ‘Dice Game’.

Ego Ella May – Waiting

When UK soul legend Omar lists an artist as ‘one to watch’, people listen. That is exactly what he did with 20 year old British soul singer Ego Ella May. Her music is soul but has the always welcome addition of hip-hop and electronic influences, giving a really accomplished sound. Imagine Erykah Badu mixed with Yukimi Nagano (Little Dragon); her 6 track, self published album ‘The Tree’ is out now and well worth a listen.

Menehan Street Band – The Crossing

Brooklyn-based instrumental group Menehan Street Band released their album ‘The Crossing’ last year – and it could’ve been release 40 years ago without sounding out of place. Many bands and artists try to imitate genres such as funk, soul and blues but every now and again a group can take genuine influences and create their own sound. This is what Menehan Street Band have done with The Crossing. Long may it continue!

FROM THE ARCHIVE: Rodriguez – Sugar Man

After watching one of the most absorbing and fascinating stories I have ever seen unfold in the critically acclaimed ‘Searching For Sugarman‘, I felt it necessary to include this song as this week’s ‘From The Archive’. I don’t want to give anything away about this film so I advise you to go and watch this and it will at least give you a new artist to enjoy. Unless you live in South Africa that is – if you do, you will know exactly who this is.

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Peace, love and respect.