Jonny’s New Music #2

Jonny’s New Music #2

After a week’s hiatus (well spent in New York City), Jonny’s back with his latest ‘New Music’ post here on FatKidOnFire. He’s back with a new post a week – we’re hoping to get them up every Monday. Here’s this week’s…

Moka Only & Chief – What To Do

Moka Only is an artist that you have to listen to if only for the basslines. I’ve been a fan of his for a while now! He fuses Detroit style hip-hop with some really interesting electronic vibes that you’d expect to hear more from the likes of Hudmo or Mike Slott.
I recommend ‘Crickets‘ as his best album with every track sounding unique but still following a central theme, the way all good albums should.

SmooVth – Don’t Know The Half

With the weather getting warmer, we’re looking forward to listening to music more suited to the sunshine. SmooVth is definitely an artist for the Summer months. Fans of older hip-hop will hear influences from Gang Starr and Dilated Peoples and if you get deep into his lyrics, you’ll discover a nice flow that’s clever and unpretentious.

Jay Z – New Day (Instrumental)

I thought it was impossible to ever sample Nina Simone’s ‘Feelin’ Good’ again without it sounding boring – until I heard this tune recently while shopping in New York.

I find the lick incredibly catchy and it doesn’t rely on the fame and warmth of the original song. I love the way Jay Z has the ability to create a whole new track with a sample instead of chucking it in over a beat. Opinions are often split on Kanye West but he has the ability to create Good music appeal to the masses (a rare trait that seldom features in most pop music of late).

Onra – Hope

Arnaud Bernard aka Onra is a beat maker from Paris, who released an album in 2006 called ‘Chinoiseries‘. Onra flew to Vietnam and after, what I imagine consisted of, hours and hours of crate digging came back with a treasure chest of Vietnamese pop records.
He took his findings and allowed them to mingle with his unique style of hip-hop, producing a 32 track album. That deserves respect in itself, however once you listen to his music, you get a real sense that this is not an album that was simply thrown together. It has a real diverse feel to it and I promise you will not get bored when you get to track 32, titled “Hope”.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: Radiohead – Codex

At the risk of sounding much cooler than I actually am, I was watching a live band in New York last week at the famous Cafe Wha? when I heard the lead singer do his version of ‘High and Dry‘. This made me go back through the old Radiohead albums and I wanted to share my personal favourite. Few songwriters in my opinion have influenced the more recent wave of electronic music in the way Thom Yorke has.

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Peace, love and respect.