Jonny’s New Music #3

Jonny’s New Music #3

After a rather extended hiatus (thanks in part to a combusting Macbook battery and the joys of moving house), Jonny returns to FatKidOnFire with another selection of some of the music he’s been listening to. And this week he’s chosen some absolute beauties…

Lapalux – Guuurl

From his latest album titled ‘Nostalchic‘ comes the first in this week’s post. Lapalux, 25 year old Stuart Howard is one of Brainfeeder’s latest signings and has taken the underground bass music scene by storm this year. The album has clear influences of soul and hip-hop and a unique texture to the productions. Simple bass lines compliment complex synths and the outcome is a rich blend of samples that feel like they have been created solely to be used within this album. ‘Nostalchic’ could be played at 6am at a warehouse party or a Sunday BBQ and would get heads nodding equally. My favourite tracks are ‘Swallowing Smoke and ‘Without You and, who knows; we might be seeing much more of Lapalux on FKOF in the near future!

Shy FX ft. Liam Bailey – Soon Come

Now, I’m not going to go on about how a DnB producer is making reggae as this is worth a listen in its own merit. Whether a purist or fans of newer artists, this is undoubtedly a great summer tune with a really fresh bass line that sounds like it can only ever be played when the sun is out. You can pre-order it here prior to it releasing on the 29th.

Lukid – Bless My Heart

A bag of tapes found on the street near Lukid’s London home set the wheels in motion for ‘Lonely at the Top‘, Lukid’s fourth and (in my opinion) finest album. I first heard ‘Bless My Heart’ on Benji B’s show as a bridge between two songs and fortunately he gave the name before playing the next song. On a virtually sample free album, ‘Bless My Heart’ samples Evelyn Champagne King’s ‘Shame‘ at a BPM of about a third of the original. If you like this then also check out ‘Veto‘ and ‘Chord‘ from his previous album ‘Chord‘.

JJ Doom – Guv’nor

The latest collaboration from JJ and MF Doom does not disappoint and the video is worth watching on its own. They released the album ‘Key to the Kuffs’ last year with guests including Damon Alburn and, like all MF Doom records, it has some really interesting music on it!

FROM THE ARCHIVE: Bob Marley – Concrete Jungle

Although I love Shy FX’s latest reggae tune, I wanted to share my all time favourite reggae record. This week’s ‘From The Archive’ comes from the King himself. The first line ‘No sun will shine in my day today’ sets the scene for the rest of the song. The riffs, the guitar solo and the bassline that follows and ‘Life, Sweet Life’ in the chorus are just a few parts of my favourite reggae tune of all time – from the 1973 album ‘Catch a Fire‘. Absolutely amazing.

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Peace, love and respect.