Kaiju – OSMUK034 - FKOF Review

Kaiju – OSMUK034

FKOF Review

After three sell-out releases on Osiris Music UK and their most recent (unsurprisingly sell-out) venture on Lion Charge, Kaiju have fast become the indelible purveyors of unadulterated dubstep at its finest.

Kaiju - OSMUK034

Their fourth release on the continually dependable Osiris imprint is set to feature two tracks that originally surfaced back in May on the duo’s guest mix for Youngsta’s Rinse FM show. Laden with huge quantities of top-notch productions and accompanied by Flowdan in the wake of release of ‘Hunter’, this show is, in my opinion, one of the finest showcases of any dubstep act to date. Kaiju now come correct with a peak into their armoury of hardware to justify their spot as best new producers to the scene in the past two years.

‘M16’ is a tactical onslaught engineered only to destroy. A portent vocal snippet is the harbinger for a terrifying experience dripping with sludge and malice. The production’s audibly glutenous in weight, capitalising on an ability to braid organic and artificial elements with healthy levels of mire in Kaij’s unique sonic identity. ‘M16’ skirts the borders of tear-out with its contorted mid-range, only to be pulled back in by resistive flares of percussion resulting in a truly standout track; despite Kaiju’s perpetual quality.

‘Clang’ perseveres in a less cumbersome and more spry manner, exhibiting a nostalgia which wreaks of Ed Rush & Optical’s productions like ‘Mystery Machine’ with a no-nonsense rhythm, flickering atmospherics and sneering mid-range. ‘Clang’ is more precise and composed than ‘M16’ but still packs a damaging groove that benefits from a subtle yet chasmal presence that leaks back into the mix as the track progresses. Pitched percussive elements give the track a memorable cadence, providing a gesture towards the idea of a melody and making this flip a strong companion, selected from the many desirable Kaiju tracks.

Looking to close the year, the duo have once again proved to be best at what they do. This release is definitive to that end.

Kaiju are now a superlative.

Kaiju’s ‘M16 / Clang’ (OSMUK034) drops today.
For those to purchase the vinyl, the Surus release sold out on pre-order. Red Eye, Boomkat, Juno and Chemical may still have stock.
Buy the release digitally from Surus.

Words by W. Jobsworth

Peace, love and respect.