Kaiju – Seven Sins - FKOF Review

Kaiju – Seven Sins

FKOF Review

At the end of 2011, MakeItGood’s Lara and I were approaching the 100th feature in our collaborative feature series. As always, I was asking some of the artists I respected and admired if they’d be interested in collaborating — but taking the £100 spot. Beezy was the first to respond — and smashed the first instalment of MiGxFKOF100.

But the second artist spot was harder to fill. We were just over a year old and had yet to establish connections with those who’d become friends and family over the subsequent six years. So I turned to our existing group of FKOF fam and asked around — who’d been doing things worth celebrating and who did we, collectively, think was onto something. Brett from Perverseanswered the call and introduced me to Jamie Schildhauer.

You’ll know Jamie as one-half of Kaiju.

Kaiju - MEDi086

Over the last six years, the dubstep faithful have collectively watched as Jamie and Paul, having stamped their mark on the DnB world (as Hunchbak and Shaded, respectively), built what has become one of the largest — and most powerful — collections of (mostly) unreleased dubstep material the genre’s seen in many years.

It took a while for the duo to find their groove — but they’ve always done things their way. Their MiGxFKOF mix was one of the last studio mixes they did where they played other producers’ tunes, for example. Soon after that, they stopped sending dubs to the majority of the scene’s DJs. Slowly, but very surely, Jamie and Paul built a fanbase — fans who flocked to the monsters for their unparalleled music (if you’ve not experienced Kaiju lowend on a big rig that can reach the necessary depths, you haven’t lived).


The Kaiju following grew, as did label attention. Jamie and Paul signed to Kryptic Minds’ Osiris Music for their first few releases -a partnership that brought us four sell-out releases (five if you count RUFFCUT002) across two years. J:Kenzo followed and signed a further release for 2013’s LIONCHG003 (yes, another sold-out record) before Jamie and Paul went quiet for 18 months. Well, as quiet as you can be when you’re touring Europe and the USA, smashing up Rinse FM and putting an album together…

It was soundchecking at the Osiris Music fabric night, back in 2013, when Jamie first played me Justice and told me Mala had cut it. Having released on a near-exclusive basis with what was, at the time, arguably one of the two finest dubstep imprints, there were few labels that would make a more suitable home for Kaiju material than Osiris Music.

But Mala’s DEEP MEDi MUSIK, probably the only label every dubstep producer aspires to release on, is — and probably always will be — the gatekeeper and champion for 140bpm bass-led music. And the most perfect home for two music-making monsters.

Justice would go on to become the A-side on the Kaiju debut on DEEP MEDi, alongside Creeper & 3+2. Another sell-out record. Earlier this year, we had a surprise 10″ white label drop as well — Burn Down Babylon and Wrong Tings. Another sell-out record.

Kaiju - Seven Sins

Today, DEEP MEDi have released the debut Kaiju album. Seven Sins represents a body of work Jamie and Paul started three years ago — a project the duo put together as a shared personal challenge on their own terms with no clear goal in mind. An album is a very special thing to see released; even more so on an imprint like DEEP MEDi.

So I won’t review the Sins. It’s a very personal collection of music, one you should experience yourselves in your own time without it being spoilt. It’ll be worth it, trust me.

It’s been a pleasure watching Jamie and Paul building to this point in their careers and it’s a genuine honour to have worked with them over the last six years.

Kaiju’s Seven Sins is out now


Peace, love and respect.