Kelly Dean – Concrete Landscape - FKOF Review

Kelly Dean – Concrete Landscape

FKOF Review

We’ve covered a few notable American dubstep producers in our time. There are quite a few of them: DeafblindMesckDrew’s TheoryAxH, EshOne, BakirMalleus (currently sat on #2 spot on the Juno dubstep chart!), TZRWarsa, Juss B. And they’re just the ones that have featured here on FKOF that I can remember off the top of my head after a long day.

Delving into the FKOF Promo or FKOF free download archives will no doubt bring other memorable names to the surface (so before anyone gets offended, apologies for not including you. There are too many standout US producers to name in one go. You all know who you are)!

But, in some certainty, I can say that there is a ‘new’ US producer to add to the list. One who may not be so well known this side of the pond…

Kelly Dean - Concrete Landscape (SMOG056)

Los Angeles’ SMOG is an impressive imprint if there ever was one. Even more so given the team’s been releasing consistently impressive (if not always to the deep heads’ taste) American bass music since 2006. Not a bad heritage by any standard!

The label’s latest release, out today, sees them partner with frequent collaborator Kelly Dean. Kelly’s a prolific producer and one definitely deserving of a larger British/ European following than he has already – but I have a sneaky suspicion the Concrete Landscape EP may do just that…

SMOG056 sees the LA-based producer join forces with Subex and Matt Deco across the four original compositions on Concrete Landscape. The EP ender (and today’s FKOF Promo premier) sees the ever-impressive Leon Switch add another notch to his bedpost with his version of the release’s title track. And what a remix it is!

All in all, the latest addition to the SMOG back catalogue is another reminder just how healthy our little genre is. It’s flourishing, in every sense of the word, in nearly every territory we’re aware of. Long may that continue – and we’ll hopefully continue to see producers like Kelly Dean (and labels like SMOG) pushing the sound forward.

Kelly’s recently put an hour-long SMOG podcast together. Check it here
Kelly Dean’s Concrete Landscapes EP is out now. Buy it from Juno or iTunes and play it loud!

Matt Deco
Kelly Dean
Leon Switch

Peace, love and respect.