Konvex x FatKidOnFire - [Artist Highlight]

Konvex x FatKidOnFire

[Artist Highlight]

It’s been a good month for free EPs here on FatKidOnFire. We’ve had Warsa, Pressed Records and Turner all come through to give music away – and today marks the latest addition to the archive.

Konvex x FatKidOnFire

We’re (with a little help from FKOF fam Baitface) stoked to be celebrating long-time FKOF fam Konvex reaching 1,000 Facebook fans and his recent signing to legendary Wheel & Deal Records.

This is the ‘Pangaea EP’…

Korrupt‘s review of Konvex’ ‘Pangaea’:
“Konvex opens ‘Pangaea’ with evil soundscapes and a solitary snare, forming the basis of an intense build. An excellent, distorted kick slowly fades in the mix, while an utterly dark and organic growl rips into the first drop with razor sharp edges…

“The perfectly delayed tail of the growls sharpens the atmosphere around the track, combining with a haunting (but intriguing) high end that to signals to more chaos approaching. The second drop adds percussion into the mix; another kick and relentless sub pounding the listener into submission. 

“To put it simply, ‘Pangaea’ is a production that leaves complete destruction in its wake. Not for the faint hearted.”


Korrupt’s review of Baitface’s ‘Pangaea’ remix:
“Baitface’s ‘Pangaea’ remix is full of surprises. The Badimup founder has taken Konvex’ original and add an oddly brilliant drum & bass angle on the out and out dubstep original. The Baitface remix ups the tempo, keeping the heavily resonating basslines but adding one or two new elements. The pace of the track is contagious and rages through its 4:34 length.

“Different samples flow through the soundscapes, including an irregularly pounding force that is hard to describe. The constantly flowing low-end really adds much to the Baitface production, a perfect match for the crispy the high-end. 

“Baitface has ‘Pangaea’ a second life as a powerful tearout tune. A brilliantly powerful production!”


Download both 320s here.


Peace, love and respect.