Loft Party Records x FatKidOnFire - [Label Highlight]

Loft Party Records x FatKidOnFire

[Label Highlight]

It never ceases to amaze me at the network and the extended family that’s grown around FatKidOnFire – as cheesy or cliched (or whatever you want to call it) – I’m still blown away by the kind words, feedback and general support the FKOF team and I get…

So when Loft Party Records hit me up with the following, I was properly blown away:

“Loft Party Records is changing, it is evolving, it is gaining a new outlook, and it is coming back even stronger.

Having been around for just over 2 years, previously putting out solely dubstep music from the likes of Goli & Ashburner, Fable & Thelem, Loft Party Records is changing its focus. However, they’re still keeping the same ethos of releasing quality music, whether this is from a previously established artist or a total newcomer.

Ashley Watson aka Watson was the man who began LPR following on from his love of dark underground music, but after meeting the L.A. Boxers (Alex Day, Callum Pennington & Rob Webb) at a local event in Croydon, his eyes were opened to other styles and together they are looking to take the label down a new path, expanding its outlook and pushing fresh new sounds. They will mainly be releasing a more house-driven sound, but most of the tracks will still fall under the UK Bass Music umbrella.

With the label previously well known for its dubstep releases, a re-brand and relaunch was the route they decided to go down, making people aware of the new sounds they would be pushing. As well as building a brand new website, they have put together a free 8 track album from some of the new artists, as well as including some of their own tracks, which they have chosen to release via FKOF due to its great reputation for pushing new sounds and supporting up-and-coming music.

With the next releases lined up for the new year, also curating a room at a new Bass music event in Croydon, as well as continuing their bi-weekly radio shows on Rood.FM & Corruptradio.NET, 2013 looks like it will be a great year for Loft Party Records. So keep an eye on them.

Watson & L.A. Boxers would like to thank Wil for being able to put this album out through FKOF and his continual support of up-and-coming music. They would also like to give shouts out to: Corporal F, Hiloxam, Hutyluty, Fish, Rood.FM, Corruptradio.NET, Majora, Phaid, Oli Murky & everybody else supporting them.”

I’m 110% stoked to present, along with Watson and the LAB boys, the Loft Party Records relaunch album. 8 tracks, all infused with the all-important summer vibes, up for free download individually via the SoundCloud widget or as a whole via the following Mediafire link:

-> <-

Read the individual Korrupt reviews below and hit LPR up on Twitter or Facebook if you’re enjoying the relaunch album!

Hutyluty – Illinois Crash [FKOF free download]

“A heavy, pounding kick that’s slightly reverb’d comes in immediately, setting the pace really well. There’s a minimal approach on the percussive elements involved within the mix, every element comes forward with new elements coming in every few bars. There’s a great use of panning on the vocals in the background, giving the tune an extra dimension. The break sounds wicked, there’s great ambient background sounds along with the basslines that hit the mid-range frequencies well. The switch-up in drum patterns towards the end sounds great, along with an awesome development in the mix brought in by the underlaying frequencies coming through. The track ends brilliantly with the ‘progressed’ synth from the start of the tune.”

L.A. Boxers – Welcome (126 Groove house edit) [FKOF free download]

“A groovy house vibe comes through the mix, with the mid-range frequencies brilliantly combined with the basslines. The drop is heavy, the low-end flows underneath the mix making it sound full and warm; adding a lot to the character of the sound. There are some nice changes in the lead, giving the listener a contagious sound that works well as a break and build-up towards the second drop. The second drop sounds well developed, filled up nicely with all the elements that had appeared previously in the mix. The 4×4 drum pattern approach sounds amazing, requiring instant headnodding from the listener! This is a tune that will set off the dance-floor, no matter what!”

Hiloxam – Control [FKOF free download]

“The sweep that comes through the mix sucks the listener right into the tune, with some fresh sounding hi-hats that are used to set the pace. The first drop sounds big, the kick-drum comes forward into the mix perfectly, pounding away. The low-end sounds warm and present in the mix, coming in right after the kick nicely. Great adaptations on the voice sample have been implemented in the mix, giving the track quite some character. The spacious elements come through the mix, reminding the listener of earlier Hiloxam material. The second drop is built up nicely, the vocal sample from earlier in the track comes back in to re-set the vibe coming through the mix – truly brilliant!”

Corporal F – Get Back [FKOF free download]

“A mystical vibe is used to build the intro up, with an emotive string sample coming through the mix in the background. The drop sounds heavy, giving the listener dubstep-led vibes through a wobble that repeats itself, but then disappears for a short while. Minimal percussive elements appear, sounding very clear and balanced with the other elements involved. New high-sounding elements come in the mix, re-setting the mood for this tune yet again – great composition and placement from Corporal F. The break sounds similar the intro, building up nicely towards the second drop of the tune. The change in drum patterns at the second drop is crucial, listen to that weighty low-end! There’s then another amazing switch-around and the listener is brought back into the old drum patterns and the wobble from earlier in the mix. An excellent production by Corporal F!”

Pure Reason Revolution – Armistice (L.A. Boxers remix) [FKOF free download]

“A deep and well-layered lead comes through the mix, imemediately setting the tone of the tune. The kick comes forward nicely, giving the other elements room in the mix. The vocals sound fresh, balanced with the other elements and adding to the build up – especially when the last line gets repeated along with the 4×4 kick drum – amazing composition! The drop sounds heavy, with another contagious vibe. The dynamic range of the tune is balanced out nicely by a nicely harmonical mix that gets the listener going. The break sounds amazing, with guitar riffs that come through – serious combination! The second drop shows great progression, with the elements coming together to form one beautiful piece of music. The track comes to an end nicely, with the guitars coming in to round things off – this track is so good!”

Hiloxam – Darkor [FKOF free download]

“The intro of this tune may remind the listener of Hiloxam’s dubstep productions, giving off a mysterious and dark vibe. The bitcrush added right before the first drop is crucial, with a distorted feeling coming into the mix via the basslines involved. The kick sounds low and deep, bringing the other elements a little bit forward in the mix. There’s a strange but awesome drum pattern that constantly repeats – interesting! The low-end sounds amazingly deep; definitely one of Hiloxam’s specialties. The break builds up nicely via ambient sounds in the background along with distorted and crushed elements – the elements then fade out and come back in even heavier. The second drop is too much, Hiloxam stomping through the mix with style, slowly building up the pace again with those percussive elements again. This one’s another serious production from Hiloxam that’ll set off the dancefloor immediately!”

Watson – You Don’t Know (Aaliyah bootleg) [FKOF free download]

“The Aaliyah bootleg starts with piano keys that come into the mix right away, nice reverb’d up top. The low-end underneath sounds warm and deep – along with a nice mix down! The girl’s voice sounds beautiful, there’s a good balance with all the other sounds involved in the mix. The 4×4 drum patterns sound, and combined with the keys and the low-end, they’re a perfect combination for a warm and summer-sounding track! Every element sounds fresh and clean – not much more to add to that. The piano keys start to repeat at a certain point, slightly overdone in my opinion, but in the end the weight that comes off the low-end makes the track worth it. A quality tune from Watson, it’s time to get ready for the summer again!”

Hutyluty – Rabid Dog [FKOF free download]

“An amazing delay is added to the vocals that open the track, with dynamic keys that cut through the mid-frequency spectrum. The panning on the elements is implemented well too, flowing from left-to-right and from right-to-left along the way. There’s a great build up towards the first drop, where the listener is confronted with a massive low-end – insane! The vocal samples sound so fresh, panned and delayed perfectly – giving the listener a warm vibe throughout the whole track. The track shows great progression, with other elements coming through and transforming around the building blocks of the tune. The elements are combined, get sweeped, disappear and come back after building up again – extending the climax. The second drop is beautiful, with the low-end coming through the mix again with the beautiful voice from earlier. Another quality all-seasons tune for your listening pleasure, what a quality track to end a quality compilation by Loft Party Records!”

Thanks and love to the LPR family, and here’s to an extremely promising future!

Peace, love and respect.