LD – Blanka - Remix Competition

LD – Blanka

Remix Competition

Last week, we sat down with Leon Day, otherwise known as mastering engineer, producer and DJ LD, to discuss his return to the dubstep sound with a new four track EP on N-Type’s Wheel & Deal Records.

This week we’re, once again, teaming up with N-Type and LD to celebrate the impending release of LD’s Beta Blockers EP – his first release since completing a degree in Audio Production.

Today, we’ve got an extra special competition for the dubstep producers out there— and we know you’re going to love it! In the run-up to the release of the Beta Blockers EP next week, we’re giving you the opportunity to remix LD’s Blanka — a tune we’re releasing as a FKOF Free Download today…


“August 2016 marks the return of a key player in the early development of the dubstep movement. South London DJ/ producer (& ex-Transition Mastering Technician) LD returns to his dubstep roots after getting his head down and crafting his sound.

“LD’s Beta Blockers EP is a fresh take on his signature sound mixing elements of grime, tribal and tropical beats with massive basslines. With his debut on the label, LD has also introduced Wheel & Deal to the Stems mixing technology and we have decided we’ll be offering Stems for many future releases”.

The FKOF review:

After a short refocus on education over production, DJing and mastering, LD’s Blanka reveals the new creative space the producer finds himself in with a welcome return to dubstep. The tune inspires memories of old-school video games, with its returning sample loops that run through the mind?—?only stopping when the break breaks its silence. On-point percussion adds to the almost jungle-esque vibe at 140bpm, spicing up Blanka’s vibrations. With our first free download with him, London’s LD has highlighted his ability to intelligently places samples, bassweight and future sounds into a wicked addition to the Beta Blockers EP. This one’s a highly recommended stepper!


To enter our remix competition, you need to download the Blanka stems. Once downloaded, it’s up to you to put your own spin on the tune?—?remix to your heart’s content!

The release drops a week today (19th August 2016) but we’ll be running the competition over the next few weeks. Submissions close end of August.

Once you’re happy with your remix, upload to SoundCloud (with download disabled) and tag the upload with #fkofwheelydealy51. You can also submit your remix by emailing it to [email protected] (with #fkofwheelydealy51 as your subject line).

What do you win?
LD’s kindly offered up a free mixdown, master and STEMS master for the winner. We’ll champion the winning remix across Wheel & Deal/ FKOF’s socials and websites?—?and you’ll get your hands on a Wheel & Deal vinyl pack; as well as a copy of our latest FKOFUn/Known02 compilation album.

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