Legend4ry x FatKidOnFire - [Free Download]

Legend4ry x FatKidOnFire

[Free Download]

I’m going to keep this post brief as this is one of those times where the music is enough…

Legend4ry‘s featured on FKOF many times in various forms and under various aliases. He’s decided to call time on his 6 year career producing under the ‘Legend4ry’ name but, as you should do when you’re as talented as he, has gone out with a bow with the ‘Four Listening’ album…

The first track that ever went up as a standalone FKOF free download was from Chris aka Legend4ry – so (in my head anyway) it’s kind of fitting that the last ‘release’ he’ll be doing is here on FatKidOnFire, with the downloads coming from our friends at Hedmuk.

“A thank you, a send off and a freebie to all those who supported my music over the past 6 years. Enjoy :)”

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If the loss is too great, head down to Cable tomorrow night for the MindStep showcase at SubDub and witness Legend4ry’s final set. More information, including how to buy tickets, can be found here.

Read the Korrupt reviews below.

Legend4ry – The City Speaks But No One Listens

There are some interesting samples involved in the introduction of ‘The City Speaks But No One Listens’, with new ones coming in every certain number of bars – there’s a great build up towards the drop. The vibe of the track is solid, with emotional pads fading into the mix along with Legend4ry’s vocal telling a story. 

The drop is heavy, especially the low-end that flows underneath the mix – ridiculous control on it, just feel the weight, haven’t heard patterns like these in a long time! I’m feeling how there are a couple of short breaks used, which give the track more power, getting the listener steamed up for the rest of the album and to get the message across. 

The drum patterns sound nice along with the clear sounding percussion. It’s amazing how Legend4ry throws in a new vibe after the story in the track has been told, there’s an impressive end to a mind-blowing track. This track really reminds me of an old DMZ tune – solid production I’d say, instant rinse!

Legend4ry – Sleep Lightly ft. LisaDB (Soothe Edition)

I like how these deep choirs fade in along with some quality pads, both coming together and morphing along the way. The keys sound fresh, a nice amount of reverb added to give the atmosphere a little more depth. The percussive elements are awesome, fitting with the vibe coming off the track. 

LisaDB’s voice sounds very clean in the mix, just listen to her lines – she’s also telling a soothing story. I’m feeling the glitchy elements involved, giving this emotive piece a little twist, implemented at the right moments and not overdone. The low-end is sounding nice and deep, moving in the sub region nicely – goosebump material. Feeling the slower vibe as well.  

It’s beautiful how the low-end and LisaDB come together and come forward in the mix. Beautiful tune, different from the first one, I’m looking forward to what’s next!

Legend4ry – Drugs Of Choice ft. Common Splice

I’m feeling the guitar riffs along with the crazy lines spoken during the intro of the track. Interesting thoughts layed down for the listener to think about, giving this track a serious twist. I’m loving all the samples implemented in the mix, especially the trumpet (which has a nice delay and reverb on it). 

The low-end is goes very deep, adding a solid amount of weight to the mix. The drum patterns are sounding fresh, after each break they change a little in combination with the percussive elements involved. 

The break sounds nice, the trumpet gets room to develop along with new lines coming into the mix while you get sucked into the second drop. The second drop seems like a re-cap of the first drop, just continuing the flow towards the end. I love the mellow end of the track, it’s great how the track fades out with the elements the track started with.

Legend4ry – Dream (One Can)

There are some seriously nice deep pads that come into the mix right away – repeating while actually transforming into something beautiful. They’re combined with this fresh sounding lead coming in right way – a simple introduction technique. 

The drop sounds very deep, I’m really feeling how the low-end comes around in the sub-region of the mix – higher in key than I expected. It’s got some nice control on it as well, flowing freely. Simple melodies give this track a little more character, giving me as a listener a warm vibe which is very important. 

The percussion involved sounds straight in the mix, moving on a similar way until the break hits and the second drop occurs! New spacious and old percussive elements are added in the mix and the track heads towards its end. 

A track with seriously contagious atmospheric soundscape that get stuck in your head easily!

Legend4ry – Escapade

This is one of those tracks that contains a lot of soul – in part through the perfectly layered pads that are used – impressive composition by Legend4ry. I’m feeling the sample used before the drop, and I like how there’s a nice delay effect used on it as well. 

The breakbeats sounnd very intelligent, along with the deep vibrations coming off the low-end. There’s great variation on the drums which sound fresh for the duration of the mix with some new percussive elements coming in. I’m feeling the jungle vibe coming off this one as well, I love how a trumpet comes back into the mix (similar to the one used in ‘Drugs of Choice’ – well played)! 

The trumpet goes all out along with the percussion, a nice move at a great moment before the mix ends! It’s amazing how Legend4ry fades those layered pads back in the mix, seriously impressive. I like how the track ends by fading the vocal sample out, a good delayed on it.

Legend4ry – The Depths

I’m really feeling the subtle yet mystical introduction – the constantly morphing pad that comes in back and forth is dope.  

The drop is deep, the low-end moves along the depths of the mix nicely with new patterns coming in around the mix. There are some great variations in percussion up top, keeping the drum patterns fresh along with the other elements present. That distorted sample that’s panned back and forth sounds quite interesting yet quite strange, another twisted element added – a good move on Legend4ry’s part. 

I can hear many different drum patterns come through the mix throughout its duration. I’m seriously impressed! The break sounds very deep, with the constantly morphing pad moving into a new dimension, preparing the listener for a serious change in drum patterns and percussive elements. There’s some serious progression in this one, what a journey – impressive tune!

Legend4ry – Detrimental

The intro sounds nice and creepy, with the hi-hat setting the pace until the first drop. It’s interesting how certain elements are reversed but come back into the mix from time to time – nicely implemented. I like how you can hear the low-end come in before the drop actually hits the listener, and I’m really feeling the melody up top of the mix – sounding like very high piano keys!  

The kick and snare come forward really well, giving the other spacious elements room in the mix. The low-end is serious bassweight, sounding deep and warm. The break sounds similar to the intro of the track with short little silences to keep the listener attentive. The drum patterns after the second drop sound awesome, with that one melody coming back in as well. 

This track will fit in a lot of sets that require tunes with some seriously weighty characteristics!

Legend4ry – Man Up!!

What a pounding kick! I’m loving the ‘snappy finger’ sample as well. There’s a grimey vibe coming through the use of a repeating synth up top of the mix – but the low-end sounds very heavy, making my head nod instantly. 

The patterns reminds me of some old DMZ tunes yet again, with repetition that sounds heavy every time you hear it. The voice sample repeats every bar and sounds great, it really fits with the rest of the elements involved – and I’m feeling the minimal approach.  

The grimey vibe progresses nicely, sounds I haven’t heard for a while now! I like how the drum patterns suddenly change along with those in the low-end. This one murks the dancefloor instantly!

Legend4ry – Clint Eastwood

I love how Legend4ry’s used the high-pass filter and reverb on the hi-hat, along with the perfectly sounding basslines that are used to build up towards the a drop! The kick sounds perfect in the mix nicely along with a freshly layered snare and clap.  

There’s a nice dub effect used on the voice sample, as well as a massive amount of delay – which extended the intro until after the drop. The drop is total vibes, the low-end comes forward nicely in the mix with some very strange (but interesting) patterns present – wow. Legend4ry drags you deep into his mind, setting things off with that high flute flying around through the panning used. 

The percussive elements sound very fresh, with a few new elements coming in every so often! Suddenly there’s a short bassline change, then all of a sudden the original flow kicks back in – impressive! 

There’s a nice little break where the flute gets its chance to be heard, followed by the last set of drum patterns finishing off the track with style along with these last deep low-end frequencies passing through. Amazing!

Legend4ry – Troubling Sounds

There are some strange-sounding samples implemented in the intro of this mix, setting off a harsh vibe until the first drop. I’m really feeling the congo coming into the mix, it moves along nicely with the other elements involved. The vocal sounds mystical and after hearing the drop I understand why Legend4ry chose it. 

The drop is weighty, I’m really feeling the mech-sounding basslines that tickle the eardrums! The drum patterns are sound fresh and continue to hit the ears; heavy samples and percussive elements used. There’s some sick control on the basslines, they morph into sounds that I haven’t heard in quite a long time. 

There’s a frequency change along with new low-end coming into the mix, both sounding very unique – I’m impressed how all elements fade away to nothingness and you hear the sample again, functioning as a break! The second drop is intense and moves away fairly quickly, not leaving the mind until a couple minutes after the track stops playing.

Legend4ry – Transitional Period

Legend4ry uses a contagious synth at the start of the intro, which changes into something more beautiful once other elements fade in. There’s a nice change up in patterns once the 4×4 drum pattern hits the mix and then a deep low-end fades in towards the first drop! 

The first drop sounds contagious, with nice mellow vibes flowing through the mix – and an atmosphere that’s created by the synth! There’s nice drum patterns used with quite a lot variation present, the low-end follows the rhythm through different percussive hits, giving it extra strenght! 

The low-end frequencies sound deep, but could come forward a little more into the mix. Other then that, this one’s a clean and housey production people will love. Dancefloor killer for sure!

Legend4ry – Dynra

Some beautiful soundscapes fade into the mix straight away, I’m amazed at how clean the kick comes forward in the mix. The spacious sounds add a lot to the atmospheres around this piece, some truly wonderful sounds implemented. 

The low-end sounds warm and complete, balanced nicely with the percussive elements involved. There are some great breakbeat samples involved as well, giving the track an extra twist. The soundscapes change freely within the mix, with the tribal samples flowing in the background – this is a track where you can get your mind lost into. 

The short break sounds really peaceful, then you get sucked right into the next part of the track. Legend4ry uses a great panning effect on certain elements within the mix, which adds another dimension to the track in my opinion. There’s nice development throughout the mix, Legend4ry showing that he’s capable of producing all these different genres at a high level of expertise!

Legend4ry – Wandering

Legend4ry sounds like he’s highly skilled in producing soundscapes, the depth of these soundscapes reach, in my opinion, through the use of layering the synths all together – just close your eyes and listen. 

The low-end coming in is serious weight, tickling my eardrums, nice depth added by it as well – fitting the vibe of ‘Wandering’ well. The spacious sounds on top of the atmospheric soundscapes sound on point. The kick comes through the mix nicely along with a well placed snare – and Legend4ry uses a nice minimal approach along the way, loving it! 

The break sounds great with the low-end flowing underneath, can’t get any better. The mix builds up towards the second drop nicely with the atmosphere cutting through the frequency spectrum!  

The second drop is too much, what chillout vibes! Can’t add much more to this; this one’s simply a meditative roller!

Legend4ry – Remembering

There are some beautiful soundscapes in this mix, all of which slowly morph, along with the percussion, into the intro of ‘Remembering’, giving me this awesome jungly vibe! 

The drop sounds heavy, nice ‘natural’ sounding drum samples are packed together to form one continuous flow of sound. There’s great development in the drum patterns involved, the percussion sounds very fresh. I’m liking the spacious sounds added to the mix, definitely one of Legend4ry’s signatures. 

The low-end sounds immensly deep, flowing through the lower layer of the frequency spectrum. Another quality production by the man himself!

Legend4ry – Confessions Of Life

The great vocal sample implemented is Legend4ry’s own voice – ‘just try and tune in’. 

I didn’t expect that heavy DnB drum pattern kick into the mix. The heavy distorted bassline kicking along with the kickdrum sounds very aggressive, setting a completely different mood compared to the other tunes. 

The percussive elements sound nice and varied, blendig in perfectly with the drum patterns – very impressive.  The sax in the mix adds a jazzy feel to the tune, as well as some emotion and a nice mellow vibe. 

The break sounds great, moving onto the second drop which is even harder – it’s sick how there is a short silence with a gun involved, well played! The second drop is harsh and I love how the soundscapes fade back in with the sax. The glitches in the mix sounds awesome as well, very nicely implemented! 

What a tune and what an album!

Thanks Chris, it’s been a pleasure!

Peace, love and respect.