Leon Switch – Deadlock / Persepolisia - FKOF Review

Leon Switch – Deadlock / Persepolisia

FKOF Review

Coming up to the last few days of the month, July has seen three of the biggest labels in dubstep feature releases here on FatKidOnFire.

We started with Tempa (and Truth’s How Strange EP), following with Wheel&Deal (and Demon’s self-titled release). Tonight, we end the month with our third and final FKOF review/ promo with the latest release on Distance’s Chestplate imprint – and Leon Switch’s debut with the label…

Leon Swith - CHST033

“Leon Switch’s debut release on Chestplate resembles true bass warfare, with Deadlock sending out the troops to destroy any dance across the world. The track’s true power lies in the perfect mid-range modulation and deep vocal message, something that gives off a distinctive vibe every time it hits the ears. Persepolisia hints back at Switch’s history, with the ever-comfortable Kryptic Minds-esque growls that roar for authenticity. The producer delivers real depth through his use of delay and reverberation times, making Persepolisia the required tune to close off this 12” with a bang. Lelyss, the digital exclusive, hits different territory thanks to its deep atmospherics. A melody this familiar may give you the goosebumps – harking back to the days when it all started. With the producer now part of the Chestplate roster, it seems one of the best imprints out there that has a fresh outlook into the future of our sound.”

While we agree with some of the feedback in Trusik’s CHST033 review, there’s no arguing Leon’s Chestplate debut will tick the boxes for the fans of the kind of sounds he’s known for.

And serving a need surely can’t be seen as a bad thing! It will be intriguing to see, given what else the producer has forthcoming, what’s released as his follow up to Deadlock and Persepolisia. Will they ignite similar discussion as CHST033 has? Time will tell.

 EP artwork was hand-drawn by the brilliant Hanna Herera. See her portfolio here.
The vinyl release of Leon Switch’s 
CHST033 is out now. Pick it up from Redeye and keep your eyes open for the digital release.

Leon Switch

Peace, love and respect.