Lost – Body Bag EP - FKOF Review

Lost – Body Bag EP

FKOF Review

Dubstep has evolved significantly since the early days. If you’ve spent longer than 30 seconds following FKOF you’ll know that. But it’s the rate of change over the past 12-18 months that has really caught my attention. New producers coming through, new labels popping up seemingly every week and the sound starting to travel across the world – it’s an amazing time to be working in the small niche of electronic music we call home!

In our various mix and feature series over the years, we’ve been fortunate enough to work with some of the dubstep originators – as well as the newer blood pushing and pulling the sound in its various directions today. One of these originators, but one able to surprise and delight to this day, is South London’s Lost

Lost - Body Bag EP (RVR002)

We first featured Justin back in the MIG x FKOF days, and like most of the producers we work with, have stayed in touch as we’ve grown. He came down to our first FKOFOKUS show earlier this year; putting a set together that got everyone on the right kind of vibe. The HENCH producer has had a pretty decent run of tunes recently, with a release on Jakes‘ imprint last month and more (no doubt) to follow.

While Lost may be more well-known for his tearout-style productions, he can cut it with the deeper stuff too. And in case you were wondering when you could get your hands on some of these deeper tunes, he has an EP out on his new label RVRSL this week…
Spread across three tunes, the Body Bag EP epitomises the Lost ‘sound’. Title track Body Bag comes with a respectable sub that’ll test even the finest of rigs, a tune full of swagger and menace. Lost’s The Plot is a more signature-style tune, an aggressively grimey tune that’ll get the dance moving with gun fingers aloft.

But it’s track three (and EP closer) Roxanne that really surprises. It’s a combination of all of Lost’s inspirations, the synths, the rolling keys and tight percussion, that draws for a laidback personal vibe with a nod to Brooklyn and its hip-hop roots. Roxanne is a pleasant departure from the first two tracks on the Body Bag EP and one we’ll hopefully hear more of from the Croydon producer.

Split apart, the three tracks of RVR002 are an in-depth look at where Lost is currently as a producer. Together, however, they mark as an impressive calling card for what he intends to do with the new RVRSL and where we may see his sound going in the future…

“Following the success of our debut release, we’re proud to present Lost’s Body Bag EP. All 3 tracks cover a wide spectrum of the UK sound which has developed a lot over the last few years.

“The first track, Body Bag, represents the deeper side to Lost’s sound with a heavy dub-influenced bassline strong enough to rattle anyone’s rib cage. Accompanied with heartbeat stabs and body bag zip sounds to transport you directly into the theme of the track.

“Next in line is The Plot. A typical Lost riddim with a thick rounded bouncy synth that leads you into straight gun finger pose when the drop kicks in. This signature sound, once described by Joe Nice as “The true South London sound. This one smells like Bagel King… and if you know Bagel King then you know!”

“The third track, Roxanne, is a classy 808 number that ties the release together by highlighting Lost’s diverse musical personalities. The track title is dedicated to a special soul and family member. It also reflects Lost’s visit to Brooklyn, New York. Listen carefully and get your gown, slippers and pipe out for this one!”

Lost’s Body Bag EP is out 17/07/14. Pre-order it from Juno here.


Peace, love and respect.