Low-Pitched #5 - [Event Highlight]

Low-Pitched #5

[Event Highlight]

With our ever-evolving dubstep sound propagating through every corner of the world, we’ve caught wind of a Dutch-based crew, events team and tastemakers doing their best to leave their own, indelible mark. With four successful Low-Pitched events on their name, Aurélie Gradwohl and the L-P crew are helping make Amsterdam a richer, more bass-oriented metropolis; one that explores the depths of (digi-)dub to the true jungle sounds…


The last event brought headliners dub merchant Ishan Sound, FKOF fam Quantum Soul and Moonstones – supported by some of the Low-Pitched residents – to the OT301.

What we find interesting about Low-Pitched is the inventive line-ups we’ve seen; a clear intent to highlight the crossover between the different types of bass-oriented sounds.

Low-Pitched dances melts the roots of dub music with future bass. Even her mission statement reveals that this is a concept worth keeping an eye on:

“To promote local and international artists throughout music, art and culture in all its genres and without boundaries.”

The sixth Low-Pitched event combines Dutch hip-hop legend Kubus, known for his timeless beats for the Opgezwolle crew, with bass veteran Ruwedata, our very own Korrupt & FKOF fam Dubbacle (who recently released FKOFd016 with us). Interestingly, L-P #5 is Dubbacle’s first appearance in the Netherlands after joining our imprint. He’ll be bringing his brilliant bassweight sound on a set with our boy Korrupt – a duo who’ll be warming up the dance alongside the Low-Pitched residents.

Low-Pitched #6

Kubus will also be performing an exclusive live show, something that we’ve heard may tingle the ears of you bass music fans. He’ll be blending future sounds with experimental bass beats following the release of his solo album last year.

We’ve joined forces with Aurélie and the L-P gang to host a ticket giveaway competition – there are only a few days before we choose the winner so good luck and get entering!

Low-Pitched #5 - Ishan Sound

If you’re in or around Amsterdam this weekend, make sure to attend the dance! Not to mention it being at OT301 – one of our favourite venues in The Netherlands. It’s definitely is a venue that welcomes this kind of event with open arms!



€8 (free for bday boys & girls!)
Doors from 10pm-3am (local time)

No pre-sales, tickets available OTD only
Limited capacity so get there early to avoid missing out!

Peace, love and respect.