Mesck – Dead Language - FKOF Review

Mesck – Dead Language

FKOF Review

As one of the finest imprints in dubstep, it’s always an exciting time when fresh Chestplate material arrives. And, with its focus on quality rather than quantity, the latest release from Distance’s label marks the return of its first American artist.

Never one to shy away from his responsibilities of demonstrating just what the USA is capable of when it comes to the deep and dark 140bpm, LA native Mesck is back with CHST037. And like his debut Conquista EP, this release has something for everyone…

Mesck - Dead Language EP

The Dead Language EP opens with the title track: 05:39 of menace with its tight, clattering percussion and rolling sub wizardry. As far as the Mesck signature sound goes, this track has it all. Be warned – Dead Language will go off in the dance.

Track 2 Anti-Social stays true to its title – and doesn’t hold back on its message. It’s an unsettlingly scary exploration – the snare and kick are particularly aggressive – with Mesck reaching into the darkness to create something that lurks just out of peripheral vision. This might just be some of the producer’s best work to date.

The release ends with Undertone. It’s the most essential inclusion on the EP – a track that says everything you need to know about Mesck’s abilities as a producer. It starts with the bare essentials, stripped to the bone, before rolling into the meat of the track with a hypnotising groove on the first drop. Empty space – full of fear and loathing.

Absolutely stellar work from both Mesck and Chestplate. As to be expected!

Mesck’s Dead Language EP drops 25/09/15
Buy the digital here and find the vinyl in all good record stores.


Peace, love and respect.