MF Doom x Known x Crook Street

MF Doom x Known x Crook Street

MF DOOM x Crook Street x Knwn

KNOWN are a brand we have a lot of time for here at FatKidOnFire; they’ve achieved so much in the short space of time they’ve been going (and they’re also based just down the road from our Streetwear Editor Chris). Since we featured them a little over a year ago, they’ve gone from strength to strength – recently reaching 4,000 fans on Facebook – and have been supported by some of the biggest names around. And, if that’s not enough, they’ve also worked closely with Plan B’s charity Each One Teach One on their recently released limited edition tee.

But it’s another big-name collaboration we’re drawing your attention to today. The guys have teamed up with legendary underground hip-hop artist MF DOOM and with Crook Street’s Art Daley (who we featured in the summer of 2010) to create a run of 60 t-shirts (30 black and 30 white) that celebrate their upcoming mixtape collaboration. The tape drops December 13th, available as ‘Pay What You Want’ on Art’s Bandcamp.

The tees design features the recognisable MF DOOM super-villain mask, along with some striking typography.

The killer feature of this collaboration, however, has to be the fact that the t-shirt features 3M reflective ink, taking inspiration from the iconic MF DOOM x Nike SB released in 2007. The tees are extremely limited and are available now exclusively on the KNOWN website.

Peace, love and respect.