Michael De Feo private viewing at the ODG - [Recap]

Michael De Feo private viewing at the ODG


This week we were kindly invited to the Orange Dot Gallery (part of the Orange Dot family) at 54 Tavistock Place for the private viewing [FatKidOnFire’s first!] of one of NYC’s greatest graffiti artists’ shows. Michael De Feo is widely known for his awesome ubiquitous flower image which he’s spent the last twenty years honing on unsuspecting locations across the world (peep his website if you don’t believe us).

‘Coming in from the Outside’ is Michael’s inaugural show in the UK so we were 110% stoked to go along and see the 10 screen prints on show.  We took a few iPhotos (the FKOF camera is currently MIA) and also discovered Michael is actually in town this weekend (but more on that later). The Orange Dot Gallery had some seriously fresh looking vinyls on the windows showing Michael’s great flower design.

Things got full on rambo as the evening progressed and the conversation flowed almost as freely as the Vitamin Water and Brooklyn Lager did. Incidentally, Brooklyn Lager is some next level isht. If you haven’t tried it, get on that stuff – it’s an absolute babe of a beer!

There were some sick Djs there (Dj Slingshot Sound above) keeping the music side of things flowing, spinning some nice chilled hip-hops to keep the good vibes going.

[‘She Did’]

[‘Self Portrait (with glasses)’]

There are ten prints in all (the two above were just a selection of the ones that caught our attention). To see the exhibition in its entirety, head to the Orange Dot Gallery at 54 Tavistock Place. Details on the flyer below.  Oh, and as it happens the prints in ‘Coming in from the Outside’ are for sale here.

If you’re in London this weekend or before the end of the exhibition on the 15th, we thoroughly recommend popping into the ODG, saying hi to the ODG crew and seeing Michael’s awesome ‘Coming in from the Outside’ exhibiton in association with Frank151, Pony and Brooklyn Lager. Fire us a comment via the comments section below or get in touch through emailTwitter or Facebook if you do and let us know what you think. Huge shout out to Nick over at Orange Dot for the invite, thanks man!

Peace, love and respect.