Vaun & Animai – Taking Over - #FKOFforyourMindstep

Vaun & Animai – Taking Over


Ever the label to support brilliant music, our friends at Mindstep Music are gearing up to drop their next release. And, it just so happens, SMMS001 is one of the year’s standout singles…

‘Taking Over’ is one of those compositions that immediately becomes a truly timeless piece of work. Vaun’s layered chords extend the climatic impact of the thrilling low-end, which disperses with a balanced amount of tenderness.

Vaun takes the listener to a highlight drop, as Animai‘s sumptuous vocal reaches a peak that goes into the history books as one the biggest conscious heighteners to date. With the drums rolling through at a steady rate, the minimalistic core  of ‘Taking Over’ empowers every single element to ultimately fuse and form a production masterpiece that will be one of the focal points of 2013.

Vaun & Animai - Taking Over (SMMS001)

“We are really excited to be releasing our first ever music video, with a debut release from upcoming producer Vaun and talented vocalist Animai.

“Together they have created a dark, atmospheric and captivating track, entitled ‘Taking Over’; which demonstrates a significant bond between music and lyrics.

“In sunny July 2013, we took over several locations in London to shoot the video, directed by Andy Commons, over two days…

Hedmuk, hot off the successes of their recent support of the debut InnaMind video, launched Mindstep’s first ever music video on YouTube Sunday night. Given how brilliant the release is, it’s no surprise the label’s inaugural video is a truly superb effort from all involved. Animai is quickly becoming the go-to female vocalist in 140 bass music (having provided vocals for the year’s anthemic ‘Reflections‘ with our very own Wayfarer) and ‘Taking Over’, matched with Vaun’s brilliant production, continues that trend.

Vaun and Animai’s original mix is matched by remixes from Wayfarer, Simbad and Sam KDC. SMMS001 is out 25/11/13.

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Peace, love and respect.