N-Type & Surge – Stampede EP - FKOF Review

N-Type & Surge – Stampede EP

FKOF Review

A few days slow on getting this one out the door – but (we think) we’ve made up for it with the following.

N-Type recently sent through the next three Wheel & Deal releases, and while we’re sitting on the next few, we’re all good to go on WHEELYDEALY046’s FKOF Promo

N-Type & Surge - Stampede EP - WHEELYDEALY046

“N-Type & Surge join forces again to bring you another genre-breaking EP. The Stampede EP pushes the boundaries of 140bpm / dubstep / bass music. Their ethos in the studio is to break from the norm and experiment freely with groove, melody and bass whilst injecting influences from their roots. The latest collaboration is a clear evolution from their last EP – one which featured an almost classical score to hard-hitting dancefloor fillers. The Stampede EP is the next step on with a combination of different flavours that show the producers are unafraid to experiment within the 140bpm tempo.”

The Stampede EP’s been out a few days – so we’re hoping you’ve already put your hands in pockets and picked this one up. If not, fear not as we’ve got the all-encompassing FKOF Promo and FKOF review for your ears and eyes! WHEELYDEAL46 is another five track EP and features as many heavywieght tunes as you’d expect from the two producers. And, because W&D are awesome like that, we’ve been sorted with a FKOF free to celebrate what’s been quite a fruitful musical partnership…

The FKOF review

N-Type and Surge are back with another lethal dose of the Wheel & Deal sound, opening with an OTT production entitled Stampede. There’s no simpler way of saying it – it’s a maelstrom of chaos. This drop falls perfectly, followed by the unsettling wave of distorted sweeps and a provocative choice of drum patterns. Colder Than Mars sets out like a rocket bound for space, causing alarm with an ever-returning set of growls and powerful synth notes. Mid-ranges are top-echelon, giving the tune space to breath while keeping an aggressive pace before fadeing away without notice. Katnip leads the way with tension from the track’s countdown, surprising the listener with an explosion of utter turmoil that makes sense in double-time. The sleek kick to snare action and the throbbing progression after the second blow-out make this a killer production that fits in almost any track list. And it’s a highly recommended listen.

“With Increments, N-Type and Surge plunder the Eastern lands, bringing about the smoothest instruments that settle well with the disturbing, harsh percussive hits. The brass sounds make the trip even more interesting, followed by a militant set of growls that are of highest grade. The assertive yet twisted stance of this track makes it an unusual journey, which should be enjoyed many times more. With Clobber as bonus dub, the collaborators finish off their EP with a real bang. The Stampede EP ends with mind-tickling synths, an ice-cold snare and a wonderful wall of low-end frequencies. Clobber is the right way to end things. Until the next time…”

Now this isn’t just any FKOF free. This was built to accompany the original Subway release – but for reasons unknown as lain hidden away since the Creep EP dropped in 2012. Thanks to W&D and the Subway teams, it’s now yours – a FKOF free mastered WAV or 320…

Click to DOWNLOAD (320; 12MB)
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The FKOF review

“An all familiar intro strikes the eardrums, as unknown horns of war prepare the listener for battle. An impeccable drop clashes upon the chest, with high-end growls to moving to take over the mix completely. A vast number of mid-range variations are tested, assisted by a smooth-tongued low-end and a cruel melody that expose nothing but disaster. The second drop is mind-boggling, taking your breath away and attempting to induce heart failures on the dancefloor. N-Type & Surge have stepped up to create a gargantuan remix that incorporates Brownz and Requake’s original banger. Truly one of the biggest FKOF Free Downloads we’ve had in quite some time… No discussion!”

N-Type and Surge’s Stampede EP is out now. Buy from from iTunesJuno and Amazon.

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