New music…

New music…

Having had the past three weeks off, with another one still to come, I’ve been working away on new bits and pieces (*cough* FKOF2.0 *cough* SIGNALFIRE *cough*) but I’ve had time to get to grips with the latest tunes coming from the some of the best producers around. So I figured it was high time to resurrect one of the old series of posts I used to do back in the day – so here’s the latest ‘New Music‘ recap from FatKidOnFire…

RDG hit me up last week with news of one of his tunes being on an impending free release. Given I’m a sucker for all things musical and free, I had a quick listen and was damn impressed!

Polaron is a Danish-based underground collective, whose focus is to push original Danish club-music in its many forms”.

Nine tracks up for free download on the Polaron website (emboldened link in the quoted text above) from a range of new (to me anyway) and pretty awesome producers from Denmark. If you missed Polaron Selections #1, find it here.

You’d be hard pressed to find many better or more well-respected dubstep MCs (and DJ as it happens) than Beezy. Pretty much every tune I hear with his bars on is a good one – which is a high standard continued with his latest collab with Gutcha (another rising star in my book).

“Life’s unsure… Death is certain”

A New Music write up wouldn’t be complete without featuring something from my two NZ brothers from different mothers. Since featuring on these here pages, Perverse have gone on to some pretty bit things – to say the least. This Rinse FM clip should give you an indication of why…

Be sure to check ‘Tribute‘ as well!

It’s been a while since we last had a free download from FKOF fam Content, but with a recent corrupt file or two he’s given away ‘Orthogonal’ on his SoundCloud after being unable to update it.

Silly riddim!

Anyone who spends more than thirty seconds talking to me about dubstep will know how much I’ve grown to rate the boys from Kaiju. They recently teamed up with supporters of all things bass J’aime Le Dubstep for a free download of ‘Monsters’ – a pure behemoth.

Free download here and five points (and maybe more) to whoever can tell me who the vocalist is…

I’ve predicted some pretty awesome things for the following producer – so he better come through or I’m in trouble! Given the current state of his dubs folder (which you’ll be hearing more of soon), I’d say Wayfarer‘s well on the way to becoming a household name.

Check the new Beezy collab as well!

Finally, there’s this week’s first FKOF free download. Deep, dark and minimal vibes from Berlin’s Semihedonist!

Free download here.

What have you guys been listening to? Link me in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter.

Peace, love and respect.