New Music…

New Music…

It’s been a while since the last ‘New Music…’ post here on FatKidOnFire; but there’s so much ridiculously good music about at the moment we thought it’d be criminal not to compile a few of the best. This also happens to be FKOF resident DJ and all round badman Justify‘s first contribution (in terms of non-mix content) to the site, but fear not he’s gone in with his tune selection…

Kahn‘s ‘Man must be Dillusion-ist’ [dub]

“I’ve come to put an end to this”. This one ended the war dubs flying about. ENDED!

D-Operation Drop‘s ‘Razorblade’ [forthcoming Bacon Dubs]

Sparxy sent me the PORK012 EP (due 30/09/13) the other day. The Itallian stallions have definitely not disappointed! Watch for their FKOF feature someday soon…

Argo‘s ‘Combine’ [dub]

Not the kind of music you’d want to listen to on your own in the dark. Fright music from Parisian producer Argo!

Deafblind‘s ‘Graceless’ [Soulstep]

This one from longtime FKOF fam Deafblind came out last week on Soulstep. Riddim alert, pure and simple! Buy it here.

Feonix‘ ‘Fujin’ remix [dub]

Feonix doing what he does best. Mad!

Eugh & Khafu‘s ‘Life or Death’ [dub]

Rain absolute destruction down on the unsuspecting with this one. An absolutely huge tune!

Piezo‘s ‘Ptay’ [forthcoming Nomad Recs]

We surely don’t need to explain this choice do we? A ridiculous solo production and an equally brilliant remix from the one and only Killawatt. Big ups NoMad Records!

Foul Matta‘s ‘Marching Powder’ [dub]

As FM says, this one’s for the sub. This guy’s one of the best DJs I’ve had the experience of hearing play out and to hear him back on the production can only mean one thing – serious bassweight.

Krease‘s Quarantine [forthcoming Annihilate Audio]

A weighty, lumbering bassline and sparse percussion. System music for system people!

ARtroniks‘ ‘Aphotik’ remix [Imperial Audio]

Arne‘s featured many a time here on FKOF, and with releases like this it’s no wonder! This one came out Monday. Pick it up here.

Feonix ft. Kaya’s ‘Eon Eyes’ [dub]

I’ve got few words for this one. Just let it play out…

DubfreqFKOFd001 [forthcoming FKOF]

Dubfreq - FKOFd001

In case you missed the news (and because we’ve not had a FKOF tune feature in here yet!), we’ve got a little something coming out in a few weeks…

Peace, love and respect.


PS Justify’s going to be putting his selection of 5-10 tunes he’s feeling together once a week; so if you’re a producer find him on Facebook, SoundCloud and Twitter