New Music…

New Music…

As we first hinted at last week, the ‘New Music…’ posts here on FatKidOnFire are going to increase in frequency from now on. FKOF resident DJ and all round badman Justify has taken up the mantle of championing the new tunes here on FKOF – there’s a stupidly large amount of dubs flying around at the moment that we’ve collectively compiled a few of the best…


Truth‘s ‘Walter White’ remix [forthcoming Uprise Audio]

Surely we don’t need m/any reasons to include this one. Seven‘s original is still one of those tunes that commands the reload (repeatedly) but Truth’s remix definitely equals it – if not betters the original. You can pick it up, along with a whole host of other ridiculous tunes, on Uprise Audio’s debut long player entitled ‘Live From The Future’ (#UACD001) which drops a week today. Thoroughly recommended purchase.

Argo‘s ‘Strain’ [Annihilate Audio dub]

Argo’s on the rise – and we’re not the first to notice. Making it 2/2 in his ‘New Music…’ mentions, the young Parisian producer is back with a truly huge tune that you’ll soon be getting your hands on via Annihilate Audio. Sit up, take note and get ready – you’ll be hearing a lot more from Argo in the future…

Gantz‘ ‘Biodigital Jazz’ remix [forthcoming SubAltern Records]

We’ve little need to tell you how much we love the Turkish badman, but Gantz keeps pulling out the stops and producing music like this. Mad ting!

Displace‘s ‘Stray’ [forthcoming Phantom Hertz]

No real words necessary; this is a huge tune! Be sure to check ‘Hide and Seek‘ as well. Displace is a new producer to me but one I’ll definitely be taking notes on!

Graziano‘s ‘Rinse’ [dub]

Freshening up this week’s ‘New Music…’ with something a little different. This one would get rinsed in the dance! No.Mad‘s Graziano is definitely bringing the vibes.

J.K.L‘s ‘Valid Point’ [dub]

Straight screwface dub. Unsurprisingly supported by the one and only N-Type. Rugged and raw indeed…

Format‘s ‘Nothing’ [dub]

Haunting vocals and a smooth as FKOF bassline. Format’s shown, yet again, why we featured him in the FatKidOnFire Presents series with this new one…

Texstep‘s ‘Can’t Sleep’ [dub]

Yes. This one! It’s an old from from Texstep – but still one of our favourites.

J.Sparrow‘s ‘Annie Drury remix’ [dub]

I can’t get enough of this one from Author‘s J.Sparrow. So, so good!

Peace, love and respect.


Feature image by James Kelly
Justify’s going to be putting his selection of 5-10 tunes he’s feeling together once a week; so if you’re a producer find him on FacebookSoundCloud and Twitter