New Music…

New Music…

FKOF resident DJ and all round badman Justify has once again compiled a top 10 (in no specific order) list of some of the best new tunes we’re feeling here on FatKidOnFire. This week features one or two cheeky releases that are too good to not mention (and one’s ours so we kind of should be shouting about it) – but otherwise it’s wall to wall dubs. Enjoy this week’s ‘New Music…

FKOF - New Music

Krease‘s ‘Demons’ [dub]

Eyes down, lighters up. System vibes from Birmingham’s Krease!

Piezo‘s ‘Comma VIP’ [dub]

Pull up riddim from Piezo. Not much else to say…

The Illuminated‘s ‘Luck Dub’ [dub]

Featuring one of the more amusing images of Pharrel’s bedroom face I’ve seen, this bootleg might just be the finest tune to come out of The Illuminated‘s studio. Watch for the others…

CJ Broad‘s ‘Clique’ [dub]

Deep, dark and sparse from the chundercat himself. A talent we’re definitely feeling these days!

Pang‘s ‘Origin’ [dub]

Watch for the percussion on this one. A lot of extremely impressive bass-focused music coming out of Italy these days – and Pang and The Hooderz are up there as one of the collectives leading the charge. Follow and support!

Content‘s ‘More or Less’ [dub]

This is definitely one of Content‘s deadliest tunes yet… He’s been on an upload spree recently, check his SoundCloud for the latest tunes from his studio. Menace and bass!

Arkwright‘s ‘Sniper’ [dub]

You won’t notice this one ’til it tears through your chest. Certified screw face income with ‘Sniper’ – watch for the second drop!

Mesck‘s ‘Chang Caine’ remix [dub]

One of America’s most exciting producers remixes one of the UK’s founding fathers of the sound. What’s not to love?

Dubfreq‘s ‘FKOFd001’ [FKOFd001]

Quietly slipping our debut release into the list here – it’s been doing pretty damn well on Juno and goes on general release this Wednesday. Buy from Juno here or find it in most good electronic retailers by the end of the week. Thanks to everyone supporting so far!

Thelem ft. T-Man’s ‘Bring Me Down’ [forthcoming Innamind Recordings]

We feel Thelem‘s latest release on Innamind deserves an honourable mention – especially as one of the tunes ended up being the label’s debut video. Pre-order the release here. A truly stunning piece of work backed by an equally impressive video. Congratulations and big ups to everyone involved. Setting the standard!

Peace, love and respect.


Feature image by James Kelly
Justify’s going to be putting his selection of 5-10 tunes he’s feeling together once a week; so if you’re a producer find him on FacebookSoundCloud and Twitter