New Music…

New Music…

FatKidOnFire’s very own Justify has been on form with his recent New Music posts; and judging by tonight’s includes we’re in for another solid selection this week. In no particular order, here’s some of the best tunes we’re feeling here on FatKidOnFire…

FKOF - New Music

Chad Dubz & CJ Broad‘s ‘Psychosis’ [dub]

Definitely a collaboration we can get behind. ‘Psychosis’ is a half step monster from the depths!

JuJu Magic‘s ‘Help’ [dub]

The sound of nightmares. Bad juju right here!

Syte & Six‘s remix of My Nu Leng‘s ‘Fireflies’ [Mindstep Music]

An all round FKOF fam party this one. Big remix from Syte and Six to match an equally large originally from the Leng boys!

Karnage & Mark IVs ‘Gaius’ [dub]

This is the sound. It’s deep, it’s dark, it’s minimal.

Anthologist‘s ‘Untitled’ [dub]

We love the sounds that come out of FKOF fam Antho’s studio and this new one exemplifies why. The percussion right here – big tune!

Mesck‘s ‘Lucid Forms’ [dub]

Instant reload material. This one right here! Hold tight the Mesck – good to hear you on Yunx’s Rinse show where your music belongs.

COMMIT‘s ‘Amazon’ [dub]

Syte’s reaction says it all. Big, big tune!

Okubi & Mark IV‘s ‘The Harbinger’ [forthcoming Annihilate Audio]

Annihilate Audio are doing some pretty impressive work at the minute; including signing this one to their debut compilation ‘Depth’ (due 02/12/13). Decent.

Hadda‘s ‘Praying Mantis’ [dub]

Intro’d by one of ours (much love to the Belgian Dubstep Ambassador BunZer0 for the support), Hadda’s new ‘Praying Mantis’ is tense yet relaxed. As odd as it sounds, it works wonders. Look out for this one!

Hidden Knowledge‘s ‘Crypt’ [dub]

Warehouse system vibes from Bristol’s Hidden Knowledge. Check the newest tunes on the SoundCloud – there’s some huge music there!


Last but not least, and because we like supporting our own ;), Subreachers and 11th Hour‘s FKOFd002 release came out earlier this week. Buy it from Juno here – and thanks to everyone supporting so far!

Peace, love and respect.


Feature image by James Kelly
Justify’s going to be putting his selection of 5-10 tunes he’s feeling together once a week; so if you’re a producer find him on FacebookSoundCloud and Twitter