New Music…

New Music…

FatKidOnFire’s very own Justify has been on form with his recent New Music posts. Tonight’s includes have been keeping us on the vibe so if you haven’t heard them before, you’ll be in for a treat with another solid selection. In no particular order, here’s some of the best tunes we’re feeling here at FKOF…

FKOF - New Music

J.K.L & Devious‘ ‘Untitled’ [dub]

Few words needed. Absolute hellfire of a tune!

Morrison & Third Law‘s – ‘Nomad’ [dub]

We’ve always said New Zealand seems to be one of the best countries for bass music. This new one from FKOF fam Morrison and Third Law demonstrates why. Amazing tune!

Mystic State‘s ‘Forsaken’ remix [dub]

A bit of 172 for your ears. Depth, percussion and bass!

Christopher Yikes‘ ‘Astro’ [dub]

A kick powerful enough to rattle the walls is always going to go down well. Add that to the rest of ‘Astro’ and you’ve got a recipe destined to reach the stars. Big things from Rotterdam’s Christopher Yikes!

Lefty‘s ‘Counting The Days’ [dub]

The vocal keeps things rolling nicely until the track drops and then everything switches up. Definitely a tune we’ve had on repeat!

Foul Matta‘s ‘Sinistah’ [dub]

Apparently not content with being one of the finest DJs I’ve had the pleasure of hearing play out, Foul Mattah has started flexing his production muscles. ‘Sinistah’ is everything you’d think it would be with a title like that!

Krease‘s ‘Poison Flower’ [dub]

A solid percussive stomper from Birmingham’s Krease. Watch for this guy!

Kismet‘s XTC [dub]

Heading down to the ominous depths with Kismet. Deep and dark; just how we like it!

Spec‘s ‘Intrusion’ [dub]

More madness from the Kiwis! Spec’s on form at the moment, check his SoundCloud for the recent uploads.

Trashbat‘s ‘Heirlooms’ [dub]

A buttery smooth bassline from FKOF fam Trashbat. Amazing work Cal!

Peace, love and respect.


Feature image by James Kelly
Justify’s going to be putting his selection of 5-10 tunes he’s feeling together once a week; so if you’re a producer find him on FacebookSoundCloud and Twitter