New Music

New Music

It’s a new week and that must mean it’s time for Justify’s latest (the 33rd in fact!) instalment of New Music. This is a selection of the tunes we’ve been listening to over the past week or so – let us know if you’re feeling (or if you’ve got something we have to hear)!

FKOF - New Music

Slaine’s Rift [dub]

Kicking off this week’s New Music with some buttery smooth liquid from Birmingham’s Slaine. Lovely idea – with a bit more variation this’d be killer!

Alive’s Waved [dub]

This one does exactly what you’d expect it to with a title like Waved. Perfect tune for sitting on the beach and watching the sun reflect off the water. Wicked little vibe!

Guest’s Beyond [dub]

A goosebump-inspiring intro that slowly ratchets up the tension. Deep, dark and mysterious sounds from Dundee’s Guest. Not much to go on on the SoundCloud – but if there are more tunes like Beyond coming we’d be pretty stoked to hear them!

Kronix’ Gone Too Soon [Free]

“I wrote this chilled laid back deep dubstep track in memory of our good friend and sadly departed Chris Ferrantello aka Cris Fern. Rest in Peace my friend, May you forever be watching over the scene.

Dedicated to our fallen brother Chris Ferrantello.

HOOdub’s Sunny Side Up [forthcoming Monkey Dub]

It’s a bit of a mixed bag, this Sunny Side Up. It almost feels like two tunes brought together; with the 2m long intro setting a kind of (for want of better title) ‘chillstep’ vibe before the track comes in with a dubby vocal bassline.

Reamz ft. Flipz MC’s Distant Horizon [dub]

Watch for the second drop. Absolutely madness from Reamz and Flipz MC!

M:Pathy’s Attention [Dub]

The clip’s pretty short and sweet but this one is killer. Minimal elements, just keeping it deep. Lovely work!

Fish Finger’s Lover’s Moon [dub]

California’s Fish Finger on that kind of vibe with this one, a laidback sensual tip. That synth that comes in is something special!

Gerkz’ Twoq [dub]

I think this is the first tune we’ve had in New Music on this kind of vibe, but it’s definitely not something I’ll turn down! Looking forward to hearing the whole tune.

Subex and The Greys’ Chi [dub]

Clean and weighty. Just how we like it!

Bakir’s FKOFd008 [out now!]

Last but not least, our latest FKOFd EP from Bakir dropped last week. As always, the response has been awesome (including an amazing review from the Juno guys!) – and it’s currently sitting one spot outside the top 5 in the dubstep chart on Juno Download. You can pick it up from Juno here – and it’s out at all other good retailers from 19/05. Thanks for all your continuing support!

Peace, love and respect.


Feature image by James Kelly
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