New Music

New Music

On cue, Justify is back with another roundup of the SoundCloud uploads that have caught his ear for the latest New Music. As always, please let us know if you’re feeling (or if you’ve got something we have to hear)! And don’t forget you can shout us via Twitter or Facebook (or email the usual addresses) to submit music…

FKOF - New Music

Lost’s Make Me So (Say Yes) [dub]

All manner of yes from our boy Lost. A bit different from what you’d expect from the producer – but definitely a style of tune we could get used to hearing!

Zoobi’s Sever All Ties [dub]

Depth and murk. Horror show sounds!

Step-A-Side & Elefant Doc’s Faint [dub]

Brass and baseline. What more can you ask for? Absolutely amazing work from these two.

Kloudmen’s Atmosphere [dub]

These two are smashing it at the moment. Absolutely love the drop – can’t wait to hear the full tune!

Alive’s Formations [dub]

Something a bit more tearout from Dubtribu’s Alive. Crazy synths and interesting drum work!

Dead Noise System’s Squares [Free]

This one a free download via Elemental Deep. Grab the mastered WAV here.

Kronix’s Zen [dub]

This one’s worth a check, bit different from the others included. Stripped back tune with the drums doing 90% of the work. Synths over the top and you’ve got something pretty unZen!

Ollie303’s Stuck In A Dream [dub]

Lovely rework from Ollie303. Intro suggests the tune going one way and then it flips and goes another. Definitely something that keeps you on your toes (in a good way)!

DT’s Burn Another One (VIP) [dub]

Big tune from DT – levels need a bit of work but it’s a radio rip so will let that slide. Concept’s great so looking forward to hearing the full tune!

Karnage & MarkIV’s Pilgrimage [dub]

Really nice vibe from these two – but given the tunes they’ve been kicking out together that’s to be expected. They’ve also got some pretty big news in terms of future releases, watch for that soon!

Malleus FKOFd012 [out now!]

Malleus’ FKOFd012 is out now – exclusive to Juno for the next two weeks!

Peace, love and respect.


Feature image by James Kelly
Justify’s going to be putting his selection of 5-10 tunes he’s feeling together once a week; so if you’re a producer find him on Facebook, SoundCloud and Twitter!