No Limits

No Limits

Having run FatKidOnFire pretty much on my own for the past two years, there have been a few times where a guest contributor (or two) would have come in handy. Which makes the fact that the team is seemingly forming (kind of) on its own is kind of awesome!

Having worked with Chris before (have a quick read of this post to get an idea of his potential), I was 110% stoked when he offered to start writing for FKOF. His first post is about inspiration – a rather odd-sounding topic – but one very relevant to the fashion labels and musicians that feature here on FKOF…

Some of you may have seen a project I was working on for University (with some great help from Wil), entitled ‘Independence‘ – it focused on meeting the people behind some great independent clothing brands in the UK and trying to tell their story; celebrating those who work so damn hard to make something for themselves.

I wanted to look at action sports, but also I wanted to try and find something as inspirational as my investigation into indie brands. This is a video about Aaron ‘Wheelz’ Fotheringham – an athlete who’s part of the action sports brand Unit. Nothing unusual so far, apart from the fact that this athlete was born with spina bifida, a condition that’s had him in a wheelchair his entire life. Yeah, that’s right, an athlete in a wheelchair – this guy’s a massive inspiration.

I’m sure a few of you have seen this before as it’s been around for a year, and he’s also featured on the Nitro Circus Live Tour. However, I stumbled across the above video again when looking for something exciting to talk about, and thought it was exactly the sort of thing I wanted to look at.

It’s a fantastic story – the fact he’s part of an action sports team, there on his own merit. He’s done some amazing things. I enjoyed watching this video as much as I enjoy watching most other ‘standard’ BMX, skate etc. videos! At the beginning of the video, it states that he never let anything stop him, that he could do anything other kids could do – he just had to make it work for him.

Personally, I think this is something that everyone should apply to their own lives.

This kid is living a dream that many, many kids have – to be an athlete that’s part of a team, going on big tours, featuring in videos and having people look up to them – and yet so many people fail to achieve those dreams, despite there being no good reason why not. In fact, Aaron’s proved that there are probably very few reasons why you can’t achieve whatever you want.

The problem is people come across someone living their dream and think ‘I could never do that’. Aaron obviously saw kids doing what he wanted to do and thought ‘how can I do that?’. I’ve been guilty of just thinking I couldn’t achieve something, and it seems to come down to the fact that instead of thinking how you could go about getting something you want, you just assume it’ll be something you probably wouldn’t be able to do.


You can do whatever the hell you want to do – the only thing stopping you are probably going to be mental blocks (I think Aaron proves there’s probably a way around the physical)! All you’ve got to do is start thinking ‘how can I do that?’.

Try it – next time you come across something you want but would normally dismiss as being unachievable, sit down and think how you could go about getting it and see what happens.

As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts about Chris’ guest post here on FatKidOnFire. Sound off (or be nice) in the comments below – or find Chris on Twitter. If you enjoyed his first post, be sure to watch out for more content from Chris in the coming weeks!

Peace, love and respect.