Depth Gate – Mix of the Week - OneFortyDeep x FatKidOnFire

Depth Gate – Mix of the Week

OneFortyDeep x FatKidOnFire

After a brief hiatus, OneFortyDeep‘s Andy is back with the latest instalment in our OFD x FatKidOnFire Mix of The Week series. Our aim is to properly kick start the series again in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes and ears open – and if you’re a DJ putting out mixes we look forward to checking them out!

Watch out for MOTW #12 next week…

140D x FKOF

Depth Gate is a Berlin-based DJ with a penchant for deep dubby vibes; be they from dubstep, DnB or techno. The Abstract Dub Archive set is something of a 140 classics selection, taking in sounds from  2008-2010 – the landmark years of the scene.

“His other mixes are well worth checking out – as well as the dubstep sets. I’ve been drawn in by his atmospheric and chilled dub techno sets.”


Track list:

  1. TRG – Put You Down (Ramadanman refix)
  2. Sigha – On The Strip
  3. Sigha – Expansions
  4. Spherix & Sigha – Separation
  5. TRG – Less Music
  6. Cyrus – Underworld
  7. TRG – They Know (TRG BerlinWall VIP)
  8. DJG – Avoid The Noid (Headhunter remix)
  9. XI – Drip
  10. Instra:mental – Forbidden
  11. Synkro – Connected
  12. Scuba – Klinik
  13. Versa & Rowl – G’d Up
  14. Beat Pharmacy ft. Spaceape – Strangers (Headhunter remix)
  15. Axs – Spidron (Seq O)
  16. Scuba – Hard Boiled
  17. Peverelist – Junktion (Shed remix)
  18. Peverelist – Roll With the Punches
  19. Unknown – Into Orbit

Depth Gate
Dub Isotope

Peace, love and respect.