Kurt Roc Skee – Mix of the Week - OneFortyDeep x FatKidOnFire

Kurt Roc Skee – Mix of the Week

OneFortyDeep x FatKidOnFire

This week’s Mix of The Week update features a German guest mix for a Canadian blog chosen by a British dubstep fan. Sounds complicated? Not really – just another example of the world wide sound we all know and love! OneFortyDeep‘s Andy has come up with a winner for this week’s MOTW; featuring Kurt Roc Skee in the mix for Conscious Wave

140D x FKOF

“This week’s selection is a mix from Kurt Roc Skee, who is one half of DJ team Dubdiggers (alongside Dubtribu Records label mate Matieu). The mix is hosted by Canadian blog Conscious Wave, who are doing great things to promote the deep and tribal dubstep sounds we love.

“The mix features tracks from bigger labels like Tempa, Deep Medi and Osiris, freebies from FKOF and 4D and plenty of dubs from Dubtribu’s forthcoming releases – which include a number of Kurt’s own dark and minimal productions.”


Track list:

  1. Outbound – Oneiroi [Phantom Hertz Free]
  2. Yin Yang Audio – Deep Space [forthcoming Dubtribu Records]
  3. Hkay – Retribution [forthcoming Dubtribu Records]
  4. Shu & Ziplokk – Spice [Subotage]
  5. Biome – Abyss [M.U.D]
  6. Kurt Roc Skee – Untitled [forthcoming Dubtribu Records]
  7. Kuros – Furian (Format remix) [FKOF Free]
  8. Truth – Gaza (Perverse remix) [Free]
  9. Fiend – Shiver [forthcoming Dubtribu Records]
  10. Mr. Boogie & Fused Forces – Iceberg [Free]
  11. Hadda & Vileside – Apache (Christopher Yikes remix) [Free]
  12. D-Operation Drop – Stronghold [Subaltern Records]
  13. Skeptix – Sleepless (Dubnium remix) [FKOF Free]
  14. Kurt Roc Skee – Sleestak [Dubtribu Records]
  15. Youngsta & LX One – Responsibility [Tempa]
  16. Commodo – Axis [Deep Medi]
  17. Kaiju – Lone Wolf [Osiris Music]
  18. Kurt Roc Skee – The Cavemasta [Dubtribu Records]
  19. Karnage & Mark IV – Currents [4D Free]
  20. Von D & JB – Kush [Sub Freq]

Kurt Roc Skee
Dubtribu Records

Peace, love and respect.