Sordez – Mix of the Week - OneFortyDeep x FatKidOnFire

Sordez – Mix of the Week

OneFortyDeep x FatKidOnFire

After a week’s break in updates, we’re back with the 19th Mix of The Week from OneFortyDeep‘s founder Andy. We’ve featured the sounds of the Swedish underground in some detail before here on FatKidOnFire so when Andy sent this week’s MOTW over we knew it’d be good…

DeepSound26 are a new collective based in Gävle on the west coast of Sweden. As far as we can tell from their SoundCloud account, they’re only a few months old but are already running their own dubstep dances and have a seemingly never-ending number of DJs to keep their mix series ticking over. If TRPR’s SOTSU mix got your tastebuds tingling, you’d do well to have a listen to the DS uploads

140D x FKOF

DeepSound26 are a new collective operating out of Sweden. They’re pushing the deeper vibes with an ongoing series of guest mixes, including this recent one by fellow Swede Sordez.

“Based on the quality of the uploads so far, these guys are definitely worth a follow.”

Track list:

  1. Clearlight – Cold Samba
  2. Burial – Track 13 untitled
  3. Quantum Soul – Rolling Thunder
  4. Gantz – U Wont Mind (Thelem remix)
  5. Mikael – Drain
  6. V.I.V.E.K. – Out of Reach
  7. Compa & Ipman – Let Them
  8. The Illuminated – de_dust [FKOFd006]
  9. EshOne – Hot Sauce
  10. Sordez – Voodoo Riddim
  11. LAS & Gantz – Firepusher
  12. Congi & Geode – Flow One
  13. Deafblind – Untitled Forever
  14. Wayfarer – Nomad
  15. D-Operation Drop – Slammer
  16. Distance – Untouchable
  17. N-Dread – Menace
  18. District & Sleeper – Kuduro
  19. Slaven – Insurgent
  20. Genetix – Point Insertion
  21. Demon – Physics
  22. Jubei & Consequence – Ungrounded
  23. J:Kenzo – Cause and Effect
  24. AxH – I Feel Safe
  25. Congi – Attenuation


Peace, love and respect.