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Origin – DVO001

FKOF Review

There are times here on FatKidOnFire we discover projects that we know – as soon as we learn about them – are worth shouting about. The following is one such project…


In September of last year, Deeper Vibrations, which some of you may know as the superb YouTube channel or the equally brilliant website, curated a get together of some of the biggest and best producers in bass music.

This was at the height of War Dubz, but the Deeper Vibrations angle was a slight departure from producers taking potshots at each other through week-long studio lock-ins. VibeWar, as it became known, aimed to celebrate some of the “most beautiful” tunes in bass music; with a war of positive vibes, emotional basslines and beautiful beats.

The project saw producers submit their take on ‘beautiful bass music’, judged by public vote. That was five months ago. Next week, Deeper Vibrations are releasing the sixteen winners of VibeWar in the collective’s first compilation album. It’s an album mastered by the guys at Ten Eight Seven – some of the best engineers in bass music – and is raising funds for a truly brilliant cause…

Deeper Vibrations present Origin - DVO001

“Deeper Vibrations is proud to announce their first release in aid of charity, a sixteen track compilation entitled Origin.

“All the tracks on the compilation were chosen (with help from our followers) from the VibeWar. The VibeWar was a competition that took place between artists within the bass-music scene, who battled it out to create the most beautiful piece of music possible. With so many people enjoying the music created through the VibeWar, Deeper Vibrations saw potential to further the positive effects by creating a compilation, which in turn could help raise money for victims of real wars throughout the world.

“The artists involved generously donated their music to the cause, coming together to produce an outstanding compilation, with a unique mix of inspiring music, with a strong emphasis on bass. The release features a range of artists from established producers, to new talent.

“Deeper Vibrations want to help children who, through no choice of their own, have grown up in a world surrounded by war and conflict. All proceeds from Origin are going to WarChild’s programme in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Central African Republic, DR Congo and Uganda.”

Track list:

  1. Menik ft. Zelda Marshal & Emma Lin – Contact
  2. Anex – Trial & Error
  3. Mentha – Sunflower
  4. J.Sparrow – Run It Down
  5. Karnage & Mark IV ft. Erika Roxin – Solitude
  6. Trashbat – Eager Beaver
  7. DTR – Bludclot
  8. Tosti – Grow
  9. Morrison – Uptown
  10. Vaun – Ruling Out The Impossible
  11. VoloDM – Alpharius
  12. Rozi – Don’t Forget It
  13. Love The Cook – This One
  14. Dillard – Waiting
  15. Jeph1 – Cloudwalk
  16. Duckem & Andromeda S. – Awake

We’d like to thank Deeper Vibration’s Simmy and Oli for putting this project together – and for getting in touch to share it with us. We need more people like these two in our scene!
All proceeds from DVO001 (which is priced at an extremely reasonable £6.99) will go to War Child. We’ll share a buy link, when we have one, from the FKOF FB page – so head over and keep your eyes peeled and wallets ready. 

Deeper Vibrations

Peace, love and respect.