Orson – Production House / Fabrik - FKOF Review

Orson – Production House / Fabrik

FKOF Review

As you probably expect, we get sent a lot of promos.

In a previous life, we attempted to promo quite a lot of those promos (and probably didn’t do you guys – or ourselves – too much of a favour with the volume of tunes we were promoting). But there occasionally comes a release so good that, even if we don’t actually get sent the promo, we have to dig it out and line up a FKOF Review.

The next EP from Düsseldorf-born and Berlin-based producer Orson‘s Version imprint is one such release…


If you’ve been following the DJ and producer’s discography since his debut in 2010, the astounding version007 will come as no surprise. Blending dubstep and techno influences and evoking emotions last found in the depths of the mighty Loefah‘s back catalogue, these two tracks are bringing a little something for everyone.

The Version 7 release is just two tracks – but these two tracks somehow document everything going on in the dubstep sound in 2016. The record opens with Production House, four and a half minutes of dreaded-out bassweight that opens with a scattered drum track before distending into a halftime stepper that overwhelms with its low end and electric atmospheres.

It follows an almost guaranteed recipe for success: beats, bass and space. Keeping it simple really is the way to go. For us, the sign of a good tune is one you can listen to on repeat – and we’d happily have Production House playing on loop.

Things switch up a gear with the more techno-inspired Fabrik on the flip. But don’t let ‘techno-inspired’ fool you, this tune is an absolute beast. Following on from what Production House demonstrates with its sparsity, Fabrik lurches through its five minutes with an undeniable groove. It’s an infectious (dare we say it) banger that brings almost everything we look for – here at FKOF – in a tune we find worthy of supporting. Again, Fabrik ably demonstrates Orson’s skill at the ‘less is more’ mantra – when everything dissipates and the track rumbles into its first drop, there are a few drum hits and that sumptuous low end. Nothing else. It’s brilliant.

We have to give a shoutout to Mike Grinser at Manmade for the masters as well, absolutely amazing sounding tunes. Top work, sir!

If you’re on the hunt for a small, independent label releasing tunes that will stand the test of time (and then some), you’ll do a lot worse than to familiarise yourself with Version and Orson’s material.

Version007 is a recommended – na, dammit it’s a required – purchase.

Orson’s Version 7 is out tomorrow.
Find it at BandcampHard Wax or Unearthed


Peace, love and respect.