Out and About in Croatia…

Out and About in Croatia…

It’s been a while since I’ve done an ‘Out an About‘ post here on FatKidOnFire (I think the last one was pre-Sweden for the Bastards’ 2nd birthday) – and today’s one (unintentionally) sticks with the international theme.

This summer, from 30th August to 3rd September, Fort Punta Christo in Croatia is going to be welcoming Outlook 2012 and its crowds – who’re not only going to the ‘Best International Festival’ but also what’s widely regarded as “Europe’s largest bass music and sound system culture festival”.

If that’s not quite good enough for you, Dimensions 2012 is the week after (6-9th September).

And it looks like I’m going too! I’m staying with the InnaMind Recs and SubCulture Artists crew and if I sort my act out I might even be covering both events for the Outlook/ Dimensions festival blogs – which is pretty damn awesome.

In preparation for heading to Croatia for the first time, I’ve been following the Outlook DJ Competition that’s been getting quite a lot of love on Mixcloud and thought I’d throw up a few of the mixes that caught my ear…

This 3 deck monster from Foul Matta (currently the second most played/ favourited entry) is one of the best mixes I’ve heard in a long time!

Timba‘s mix for the competition is the most played mix (that I can find), and if you give it a listen you’ll know why!

If you’ve heard any other entries worth bumping, leave a comment or tweet me and I’ll put them up.
If you’re undecided about whether to get a ticket to Outlook or Dimensions (or both), take a look at the lineup – and bear in mind not all of the artists attending have been announced yet.


See you in Croatia. I can’t wait!

Peace, love and respect.